Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Thank You Double A Provisions

This post is LONG overdue. As many of you know Jeff works for Double A and has been there a few years now. During those years we have really gotten to know a lot of the people there. They have always been wonderful to us and I always enjoy stopping in to say hi. Its not like stopping in to my husbands work, but rather stopping in to see friends. Since Jeff and I found out we were expecting we have gotten a lot of help from a lot of people and are very appreciative of all it. However, I wanted send a special thank you to everyone at Double A. They have become our "work family" and truly been wonderful to Jeff and I. When we told them we were expecting and then told them triplets I think some of them were more excited than Jeff and I! LOL They immediately set a fund for everyone to contribute to and after the babies were born they gave us a gift to start college funds for the babies. This is just one of the many blessings they have given or done for us including a luncheon, gas card to get back and forth to doctors appointments and letting Jeff work from home a couple days a week to give me a much needed hand. Its great that Jeff works for such wonderful people. We cant say thank you enough.


Anonymous said...

You are both very welcome. Now get those babies in here!!

Anonymous said...

Your Welcome..We love all of you...Let us know if we can do anything. Can't wait to see them again!!!