Thursday, July 31, 2008

So Adorable

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

July 30th - My Due Date

The babies are 5 weeks old. They are getting SO BIG!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Sleeping Sound

I did not have anything to post today and I know how much my friend Michele F. loves it when I post. So, here are the only pictures from today. Michele these are for you. =)

Friday, July 25, 2008

It All Started With A Puppy

It was about 4 yours ago when Jeff and I took a trip to Bed Bath and Beyond. We went to get a new shower curtain for our newly renovated bathroom. While walking through the store I spotted a bin full of stuffed animals. On top was the cutest cuddliest puppy I have ever seen. I took one look at this puppy and my heart melted. I looked at Jeff and said "I want a baby". That started our very long and emotional roller coaster ride of trying to get pregnant.

We tried for a year and half on our own before deciding we should talk with a doctor. I went to one OB and they started me on Clomid. I only did one month as this office and I were not a good fit and I switched to a different OB. In talking with that OB, we tried Clomid for 2 more months without any good results. This whole process lasted a couple years as we would go back in forth between trying and taking a break from the infertility and there were many many tests done along the way. My OB suggested in-vitro or adoption. Jeff and I were just not ready to accept we could not have a baby.

So, I emailed some friends of ours and got the name of a fertility doctor that they used and loved. That September I called and made the consultation appointment. Jeff and I went down together only to find out that this doctor was retiring at the end of the year. So that means we have about a month to make things work. It seemed like one step forward, two steps back each time.

This doctor decided Clomid was not the answer and put me on Follistem. This is an injectable medication taken in the tummy. Needless to say I was not looking forward to giving myself shots in the tummy, but was willing to give this a go. The office then contacted my insurance to get approval on the drugs only to find out they were not covered. They called me at work and told me the news. They said they had the drugs at the office, I could get them there. Fighting back tears I said ok, how much to get them through your office to which she replied "No Mary, we will give them to you. You dont have to pay". Crying commenced in between the "thank you's". I called Jeff at work and gave him the news. He was very quiet, in shock that they would do this for us.

So, in October of last year we started the injectable. I could not give myself the shot no matter how hard I tried. Jeff had to do it. He was a pro and very gentle. I remember him being quite excited about giving me a shot, I was a little nervous! The first time he did it, he went really slow then pulled the needle out so fast he knocked the coffee on the table over on the needles and drugs. We laughed for about 5 minutes. Whew, the first shot was over. The next 2 weeks of shots got easier and easier. My tummy looked polka-dotted from the all little bruises, but really it did not hurt.

Now, as I understand it when you ovulate you produce a cyst that ruptures then a little egg pops out. Well, thats the laymen version anyway. I discovered that I have "polycystic ovaries" which means I produce many many cysts. So this medication was going to make everyone of those little cyst rupture at the same time. Two things, first unbelievable pain and second "multiples". The doctor said we should be open to the idea of multiples. Gulp. Jeff and I talked about it and decided that twins would be absolutely fine with us. (Jokes on us!!) So went ahead with the injectables.

I would have to have follow up ultrasounds about every week or so to make sure my ovaries were ok and not about to explode, literally. Well during one of the final ultrasounds the nurse said it looked at those there were 7 follicles that could produce eggs. SEVEN I said. Uh-oh. That is not what we wanted to hear.

Reduction. That is the conversation that came next. It is not a conversation you want to have but none-the-less one we were faced with. Jeff and I had decided we would reduce if we had more than 2 babies. The next ultrasound showed that of the 7 cysts, 5 had ovulated. 5 eggs floating around with about 50 million sperm. Double Gulp. Now we wait.

The next step was to wait for a certain date and then take a pregnancy test. That day had arrived. Jeff and I awoke very early. I did the test and sent Jeff in to check. Wouldnt you know, it was defective. Arrggghh! So at 6:30am we are at the store getting another test. The really expensive one that says "Pregnant or Not Pregnant". I was not taking any chances this time. So, 3 cup fulls of water later I take the second test. I cant bear to watch. This was it, this was our very last attempt at getting pregnant. The doctors office certainly was not going to keep dishing out meds for free and Jeff and I were physically and emotionally exhausted with this process. So, this was really it. Jeff waited with the test as I sat on the couch with anticipation. I knew the answer the second he walked out of the bathroom with tears in his eyes. Pregnant.

I hugged him so tight and the jumped up and down until Jeff told me not to jump as "I might break something". We couldnt believe it. Well, what do we do now I thought. It was a Sunday and I could not call the doctor. We decided to just rest and watch a video we had just bought. It was Shrek The Third, the one with 3 babies, 2 boys and a girl. Little did we know how ironic that would be.

That Monday I called the doctor and told her my test was positive. She sent me for blood work. When she got the results she said it was confirmed I was pregnant. I asked what they check for in the blood work and she said pregnancy hormones. They should double between one test and the other. I said "So I doubled" to which she replied "Oh yea, you more than doubled". My first thought, could it be twins?

A few Sundays after that I went to a ladies lunch at Chrissy's house were I announced I was pregnant. What fun to finally be able to tell people. Well that night I started to bleed. It was terrifying. I went for an emergency ultrasound the next day and found out I was not only fine, but I was pregnant with twins! Jeff and I smiled the whole way home. Because this doctor was retiring in 3 days I was sent back to see my regular OB. I was the last person to get pregnant at that office. How fun.

So, one week later yet another ultrasound. I was driving the tech crazy with questions so she told me to keep quiet until she was done! Jeff and I talked quietly to each other when we heard, "Excuse me, you guys are having 3". 3 what was my first thought? Oh my gosh, 3 babies. We laughed hysterically, then panicked. We went through that about 3 times. Then we had to meet with the doctor.

Reduction. There was that word again. We had already said we would reduce. Well, it took Jeff and I about 5 minutes to decide reduction was not an option for us. We were keeping all three. My next thought, please dont find another one at the next ultrasound!

It was from that moment that we started planning for the arrival of 3 babies. We never could have imagined what we were in for and still sometimes cant believe it. It also amazes me how generous people are when it comes to babies, especially 3. It was hard for us to swallow our pride and be the helpee for once and not the helper. We have been so blessed with everything and are so grateful.

When in what would be my final month of pregnancy I asked Jeff to take some photos of us. He takes the greatest photos and I wanted a picture to remember this time by as this would no doubt be my only and last pregnancy. While I was in the hospital Jeff had the photo blown up and framed. He gave it to me when I got home. I absolutely LOVE it. It hangs in the nursery above the fireplace. You will see in the picture a very cute puppy. To think it all started with the puppy.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

One Month Old

Lainey Bug, I can not believe you are one month old today. You have changed so much in one month its hard to believe. You now weigh over 6lbs and mommy and daddy put you in newborn clothes for the first time yesterday. You really are a good baby, so content. You always eat so good and sleep so sound. I love how you have to be cuddled after each feed or you get upset. You are the most cuddliest baby. Mommy will sometimes scoop you up in the middle of the night just to sleep with you on the couch. We did this last night, you woke mommy by gently putting your hand on mommy's cheek. Each time you did this I would open my eyes and you would be looking at me. It was so sweet, you bring tears to my eyes. Daddy loves to cuddle you too. You will just bury yourself into his chest and fall right to sleep. Daddy tells you all the time that you are the most beautiful baby. I would have to agree. You are always so alert and will sometimes just lay in your bobby after you eat and look around. Mommy loves to read to you when you are awake like that. I think we will start some tummy time now. I am so proud of my little angel. We love you Lainey Bug.

Nicholas, one month old. You were my little guy when you were born but have grown so much. You are only a few ounces shy of 6lbs. Mommy and daddy put you in newborn clothes for the first time yesterday too. You are in between the preemie and newborn sizes. You are still having some trouble with your tummy but mommy and daddy and are trying different things to get you through. You try so hard to get through your pains and only cry when it is really bad. Mommy and daddy will hold you until it passes. I think you can sense that mommy gets so upset when your in pain because it always takes me a few moments longer to settle you then daddy. Daddy hates to see you in pain also but is very calming to you. You usually instantly stop crying when he picks you up. We will sometimes lay you on the couch on the pillow and you love that. Mommy also snuck in some sleep time the other night with you. You barely grunted at all and we slept so good. You too are starting to stay awake more and will sometimes just look around while you hang out in your bobby. We tried some tummy time the other day, but you didnt like that too much. We will try again in another week. You are such a good baby, we are so proud of our "little" man. We love you Nicky.

Gabriel, my youngest. One month old today and oh have you have changed. You are now over 6lbs. Mommy and daddy put you in newborn clothes yesterday as well. You are such a big boy. You too are having a little tummy trouble, but its not too bad. You are a very laid back baby. Because of this you are often the last one to eat. There are benefits to being last though, you get the longest cuddle time. You are like a round little ball and we love to muckle on to you. Mommy snuck some sleep time with you the other day as well. You were having a bit of a rough night and we snuggled up together and both slept so sound. You too will sometimes lay awake in your bobby and just look around. You are also perfectly content to grab a nap. I think you could sleep just about anywhere. You still grunt alot when you sleep but you dont seem to be in pain. You smile all the time, probably because you have so much gas. You have the biggest brightest eyes and make the cutest faces. You too love to hang out with dad. You are so content sitting with dad watching the Yankees. Mommy says no TV, but we make an exception for the Yankees. You are doing much better sucking on your bottles. We switched all of you from the preemie bottles from the Nicu to the Dr. Browns bottles and you did great. I am so proud of you. We love you so much Gabe.

Jeff, can you believe our little miracles are one month old? I can not tell you how blessed I feel to have such a wonderful family. You are such an amazing daddy and husband. You are so patient and I can always count on you to keep me calm and level headed. I love to watch you when you are with the babies. You will often just look at them and your face fills with so much love and pride. You make me laugh too when I hear you talk "baby talk" to them. It is so cute. You amaze me how you can work full time and come home to "take over" caring for the babies and give me a break and still manage to help with the housework. I love how you will sometimes give me an extra 15-30 minutes of sleep during my sleep shift or how you can sense when I am overwhelmed and will take over for a little while. I love that you will not hesitate to change a poopy diaper or give one a bath. Thank you my sweet husband for being such a great partner and father. We all love you so much.

Happy One Month My Sweet Family

Radiant Jess

As most of you now know, Jess is expecting. I had not seen her in a while and she stopped in the other day. I could not believe how radiant and beautiful she looked!! I made her pose for a picture. Jess, I cant wait for your little bundle to get here!


Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A Day of Appointments

Today was a busy day. I had a WIC appointment at 10:20am and another doctors appointment for the boys at 1:00. Michelle H. and Bella were kind enough to drop off dinner to us last night and offered to watch the babies while I went to the WIC appointment. Michelle was a natural with the babies and Bella was such a great help. Steve stopped by to drop off Bella and I tried to tell him I was keeping Michelle indefinately, but it didnt work! LOL Below is a picture of Bella holding Gabe. Thank you so much Michelle, Bella and family for all your help!!!

After WIC, Michelle and I fed the babies and she helped me load the babies in the van so I could take them to another doctors appointment. Daddy met us there. We brought the boys back to the doctors because they still seem to be in a lot of pain after the feed. More so Nick then Gabe. The doctor switched our formula in hopes the babies will find some comfort. We have used it for one feeding and not much changed unfortunately. We are to give it a few days and if there is still no change we have to go back to the doctors. Please keep the babies in your prayers. I hate to see them in so much discomfort. I was able to weigh Gabe and Nick at the appointment. Gabe is 6lbs. 4oz. and Nick was 5lbs. 11oz. I can not believe how big they are. Unfortnately, I did not get to weigh Lainey, she was sleeping soundly in her car seat. She is such a good baby. Below is a picture of the babies at the doctors.

4 Hour Schedule - not so much. I asked the doctor about the 4 hour schedule I was trying to put the babies on he said it is just too soon for them. So, we are back to a 3 hour schedule. Sigh. This means no sleep for mommy and daddy. Thankfully, daddy has made an arrangment at work and is able to work from home a couple of days a week. It does not give us anymore sleep, but is nice to have some help during the day. Below is a picture of my tired boys.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Monday, July 21, 2008

three asleep in gramma's bed

Here is one of our favorites...we awoke one morning to find them snuggled in bed with Gramma!!! Aren't they the cutest!!!!


4 Hour Schedule

I happy to say that Jeff and I have managed to get the babies on a 4 hour schedule instead of 3. We spent the weekend trying different things and have come up with a system that works. This new schedule is great on so many levels. It cuts our feeds from 8 to 6 which means less everything, especially bottles!! The babies have been sleeping very sound and doing great with the new schedule. It also allows mommy and daddy to get some much needed sleep. Next weeks goal (or maybe the week after) have the babies sleep in their nursery. Right now they sleep in the front room and Jeff and I take turns sleeping out there with them. Here they are sleeping sound. Notice the sea of binky's. Thank God these babies like binky's!!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Out For Ice Cream

Mom, Jeff and I took the babies to Coopers Cave last night to get some ice cream. It was a fun quick outing with the babies. I have come to the conclusion that no matter where we go we will be googled at. I must say I dont mind a bit showing off my babies!! LOL

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Baby Video

Here is a video of the babies sleeping. So adorable.


The Question Everyone Wants To Know. . .

I know the question everyone wants to know but no one wants ask. "What does her tummy look like now?" Although I am not willing to show my bare tummy, we took some fun pictures of before and after. While I was in the hospital they took a cast of my belly. It measured 54". Thats over 4' of belly. I was almost as round as I am tall. Scary right. Well I am happy to report that I have lost of 50lbs and though the tummy will never be the same its not too bad and so worth it. Below is a picture of the me with the belly cast and now. I love the belly cast and think it will be fun to someday show the babies.

Just An Update, No Pics

Well, the babies were 3 weeks old yesterday! They have been home now for about 2 weeks and we have survived with help of mom! So how was our first couple weeks you ask? Trial and Error pretty much sums it up. We are trying really hard to keep the babies on a schedule and get them to sleep during the night. They like to stay up all night, they must take after their Uncle Tom!!

They all had their 2 week appointments at the doctors. They did great! The doctor said "their perfect". I know I think so! Gabe peed in the tongue depressor jar and all over the scale. Then Nick peed on the scale and all over the table. Dont you know Lainey had to join in on the fun and peed on the scale as well. I could do nothing but laugh and apologize. Needless to say there are no more tongue depressors next to the scale.

All of the babies are getting so big. Lainey has surpassed her brothers and now weighs 5lbs 10oz. She is the best baby. She eats good and sleeps sound until her next feeding. She will cry (or should I say scream - this kid has some lungs!!) when she gets a little gas pain or sometimes when you change her diaper. She is very alert and will sometimes just lay in her pack n play and just look around. Shes very patient with her brothers, as they are really noisy sleepers. I love holding her, especially when she is wide eyed. Its wonderful on the rare moments that I actually have time to just snuggle her. Daddy LOVES to hold his little girl. He will just snuggle and stare at her and tell her how beautiful she is. She loves to be held by daddy. We love you Lainey bug.

Nick is also getting very big. He is just over 5lbs. now. He has had the most trouble so far. He has a blocked tear duct they we give him some drops for. We also think he may have a small touch of reflux. We think it is the powdered formula so we have switched all of them to the liquid. It is more expensive and I am not sure that WIC will cover, but Gramma treated to a months worth. It seems to have worked so far. Nick slept really well last night, and did not cry out pain at all. He is also a really good baby. He has been fussy, but it is because of his tummy issues. When he is not having gas or reflux he is a very content and patient baby. He is my little guy and gets lots of snuggle time because of his belly issues. We just hold each other and try to wait for the pains to pass. He breaks my heart when he is in so much pain. I pray all the time that he will get through this stage quickly and not be in pain. Nick seems to be doing better on the new formula so he rested well last night. He too LOVES to be help by his daddy. If he is fussy, it usually takes me a second to settle him, however if his daddy picks him up he settles right down. We love you so much Nick.

My sweet Gabe. He is such a good baby. He is now 5lbs5oz. He has some trouble with his tummy too, but is not usually in pain. He is my grunter. He grunts all through is sleep and is usually the gassiest. Sometimes I think he startles himself with the gas he lets outs!!! He very rarely cries. He is very patient when his sister is screaming in his ear or his bother is kicking. He will sleep (and grunt) right through it. He has the biggest and brightest eyes (when he is awake!!) and he loves to look all around. I think he likes the TV, which goes against mommy's rule of no TV!! I think his daddy has been sneaking snuggles and tube time when mommy's not looking! He makes the cutest faces and gets "oooooo" over alot when we go out. I think he is rounder or something because he is so much fun to cuddle. I get to just muckle on to him. He too is like his brother and sister and LOVES to be snuggled by daddy. They are like 2 peas in a pod. There is something about daddy that these babies just love. We love you tons Gabe.

As for mommy, daddy, and gramma we are all doing well. We are working on a schedule that allows us to all get some sleep. Last nights schedule was a winner. Who knows what tonight will bring. We have been sleeping the babies separately in their cribs and they dont seem to want to sleep. So, last night we slept them together in their pack n play in the front room. Dont you know they all slept great. I think they just want to be together. It is really sweet. Tonight we will try sleeping them in the pack n play together in their nursery. We slowly change one thing each night until we can get them sleeping sound in their cribs. They certainly have a bond already and you tell it will never be broken. We have been so blessed with such wonderful babies. Thats all for now, its time to feed.


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

our 1st story
Nick, Gabe, Lainey

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Lainey's Home!!!!

I am SO happy to report that Lainey came home today. She is settling in just great! Don't get me wrong, this is A LOT of work having all 3 babies home, but it is just heavenly having the 3 of them together again. Thankfully we have mom here to help and Jeff and I make a pretty good team. Tonight will be our first night with all 3 babies home. Mom and I are taking the night time feeds so Jeff can get some sleep because he has to work. I could manage the night time feeds for the boys by myself ok. Hopefully I will be able to manage the 3 by myself before long. Until then, thank God for the help!!

Also, so many people of offered to help us in any way and prepared meals for us. Thank you so much, we can use all the help we can get. Thank you to the greatest neighbors ever, Kristy and Justin, for all the offers of help and wonderful meal they sent over. Also to Church of the Nations for preparing meals for us and all the prayers.

As far as our schedule it is pretty much the same as at the hospital only I get to catch a little nap in between. So, if you have called to check on us (which many of you have) yes were home, yes were doing ok. Unfortunately it is most times impossible to get to the phone because we are feeding, changing or sleeping. I apologize to anyone that has called that I have not been able to get back to. I will at some point! Ok, thats all for now. Feedings about to commence!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Finally, Baby Pictures

Mommy feeds Gabe

Gramma and Mom feed Gabe



Gram and Charlotte

Gabe stretching

Lainey's tired

Proud Dad taking his boys home

Nicholas is ready!

Proud Mommy and Gramma taking our boys home

Thier first time outside

Finally going home.