Monday, September 15, 2008

Great Birthday Weekend

What a nice weekend!! On Friday evening Jeff and I got to go to dinner. Michele H., Katie, Brittany, and Bella all came to babysit. They did a wonderful job! Brittany and Bella were like pro's with the babies, so sweet. Well, after dinner we were supposed to go shopping or to a movie but we were so tired we just came home. Michele and the gang were not ready to leave yet so they sent us to bed for a nap and did the next feed with the babies. We went to bed at 9:00pm and did not have to wake again until 2:00am!! It was wondeful! Thank you so much for a great night, we really appreiciate it and had a wonderful dinner followed up by a refreshing nap! =)

Then we went to the Winslows for dinner. Chrissy and I have birthdays a couple of days apart so we got to celebrate together. Dinner was great and it was awesome to see everyone, especially Jess. I have not seen her in a while and she looks just beautiful all preggo! I cant wait for her little angel to get here.

I forgot last week to say a much need thank you to Gail, Mike, Terry and Pat!! Gail, Terry and Pat also watched the babies for us so Jeff and I could have a night out. Mike was nice enough to let us borrow his sweet wife Gail for the evening! All of their babies are grown so they were like kids in a candy store! It was too cute! They also brought us a big dish of ziti! It was delicisous! Thank you


Rebekah said...

Well I am glad that you had a great time! It's is really nice to get a refreshing nap every once in a while! (EXSPECILLY WITH THREE BABIES!!! AAAHH!!) LOL WELL I WILL TTYL BYE!!


gramma and poppa said...

Mary and Jeff, I am glad yous were able to have some time together. I will make you both a birthday breakfast, in bed, when I get there. I love yous, glad to hear you had a nice time out. mom