Sunday, August 12, 2007


Break Out Another Thousand!!

So, the B.O.A.T. is up and running once again!! We ordered a new propeller, the old one is trying to be reconditioned. Not sure if they fix that bad boy or not! We have a loaner prop on the boat and it is running great!! No new pictures yet though. When we get the props back I will do a before and after picture. :) Miss everyone lots. Dad and Mari can't wait for you to come home!!!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Happy Birthday Lindsay!!

Happy Birthday sweetie!! I hope you have a wonderful day. I cant believe we wont be there for your birthday! I think this will be the first time in 10 years. :( I MISS you so much. Call me and tell me all about your day. By the way, I LOVE your skateboard idea! Rock on Chickie! Love Aunt Mary and Uncle Jeff

Lightening Storms


My First Yankee Baseball Game: Yankee's Vs. Royal's -- Yankee's wiN!!

My first baseball game and its a Yankee game!! What a blast. Jeff and I left Friday morning about 11:00am. We got to the game a little early and we were able to watch the Yankee's practice. Jeff was about 2 feet away from catching one of the practice balls. The seats we had were really great. We were on the bottom level about 10 rows up between 1st and 2nd base. We were far enough back to be under the roof but close enough to see everything. The entire ambiance of New York and Yankee Stadium was so exciting. From the locals tawkin bout the game, to the vendors yelling to sell you something, and lets not forget about the ballpark hotdogs!! This was a particulary exciting game because, as most of you know, Arod only need one more home run to hit 500. Unfortunately it did not happen until the NEXT night!! DOH But so exciting evey time he got up to bat. The fans went nuts!! And contrary to some opinions (Boston fans you know who you are. . .LOL) the fans were super friendly! We even had a local give Jeff some free sausage and peppers and at $12.00 just for a beer, we needed all the free food we could get!! Below are some pitcures of the practice and of the game. There is also a video from when Arod went up to bat, there 500 flashes trying to catch the 500 home run. Pretty cool. Then on the way (we got home 3:30am!!) we hit the coolest lightening storm I have ever seen. I posted some videos of that as well. It was on the way home half exhausted enjoying the ride with my truley wonderful husband that a realized this is why I love New York. Baseball games, mountain, lakes, lightening storms, the whole nine. We sometimes take for granted all the wonderful things we have right under our nose.


This Boat Rocks. . .quite literally!!

Ok so as you all know, Jeff and I have never owned a boat before nor have either of us spent a lot of time on boats or of the local bodies of water. So, were both a little "green" to this whole boating thing. Well, we have some friends (Rob and Chrissy) go out on our boat with us this weekend. We finally figured out how to drive the boat with out the nose sticking straight out of the water. As were cruising a long at a somewhat accelerated pace we managed to hit the biggest rock in all of the Hudson River. After the screaming subsided (that would be me yelling "Man Down Man Down we taking on water WE GOING TO DROWNED!!! We quickly accessed the situation and realized we were NOT taking on water now were we going to drown because we were only in 18inches of water. Apparently the Hudson River is not marked to show you the "bad spots" luckily quick witted Jeff and Rob got us out of shallow water in now time and the boat actually ran, although it shook violently and we could not go more the about 4 miles an hour. Once finally back to the dock we all had a pretty good laugh and it only cost 1 propeller. The boat is definitely "broke" in now!! LOL

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Cheesy Happy Birthday To Tom!!

Happy Birthday To You. . .
Happy Birthday To You. . .
Happy Birthday To Tooommmm. . .
Happy Birthday To You!!!

Love you and miss you, wish we were there! (I think if you look close you can see something stuck in my teeth!!! GROSS!!! LOL)

Lake Sunsets In The Boat. . .
We took the boat out for the first time, I think the pictures say it all!!!

Captain Dunny. . .