Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A Rough Night

7:00PM - All babies have been fed, bathed and put to bed.
7:50PM - Lainey awake, fed again.
9:05PM - Finally get Lainey to bed.
9:45PM - Get to sleep.
11:00PM - Gabriel awake, fed again.
11:25PM - Nick awake, fed again.
12:00AM - Nick back to bed.
12:10AM - Gabe back to bed.
12:45AM - Back to sleep.
2:30AM - Nick awake, fed again.
2:40AM - Lainey awake, fed again.
3:10AM - Lainey back to bed.
3:12AM - Gabe awake, fed again.
3:20AM - Nick back to bed.
4:00AM - Gabe back to bed.
4:00-5:00AM - Gabe fuss. Kept giving paci.
5:45AM - Gabe awake again. Fed again.
6:30AM - Gabe back to bed.
6:35AM - Nick awake, fed again.
7:30AM - Nick back to bed.
7:40AM - Lainey awake, fed again.

Notice there is no "back to sleep" after 12:45AM. UUUuggggghhhhhh.

Thankfully, my friend Paula was here to help me today. The morning pretty much went the same way. Lainey is so fussy since taking her medicine and the boys did NOT want to sleep today. Lets hope tonight goes better!!


gramma and poppa said...

Sorry you such a rough night, Hang in there, Hopefully, you can get caught up on some much needed rest. How are you doing it? I miss you. See you soon. Love Mom

Shelby said...

So what were you doing while Jeff was taking care of the babies?

I love you honey. DO I need to come and rescue you for a night. I will soon I promise.

Take care and hopefully tonight you will get some sleep.

Kristen said...

geeesh.. looks like a rough one. it will eventually get easier. trust me.