Sunday, July 29, 2007

Work Hard, Play Hard!!

Well, we did it. We actually bought a boat!! It is a 1984 Sea Sprite Cuddy (for those boat illiterate like myself Cuddy is the kind where you can sleep in the bottom). Jeff and I went to Ballston Spa to get it today. The interior is in great condition. We were so happy to find such a great boat that was within our budget. The man that sold it to us had it for 10 years and was sad to see it go but happy "it was going to a good home". It has a CD player, 6 life jackets (it seats 6 people) and lots of extras. Here are some picture of Jeff arriving with the boat!! We are going to name the boat Dunny's Hunny Too. Below is pictures of the boat and "Captain Dunny" LOL

Saturday, July 28, 2007

League Champions -- Pine Knolls Church

Congratulations to Jeff and the entire Pine Knolls team! They did a really great job in the tournament today and ended the day as League Champions!! I cant tell you how much fun it is to cheer for such a great team. They have great camaraderie, motivate and encourage each other and just have a good time. I am little sad that this season is over :( But there is always next season, hoping that Jeff will be asked to play again on the team (this was his 2nd season). Jeff really played well today with some great catches and awesome base hits which scored several runs. They started off the day looking a little like the Bad News Bears LOL but ended it looking like champs. Here is a picture of some of the guys on team with the trophy. I wanted a team picture but forgot the camera. Once again, congratulations Jeff -- you kicked butt today!!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Sara and Mommy

Mommy's Girl :)

Monday, July 23, 2007

A Talented Family

While sorting through some pictures and things to post on the blog I came to a realization that we have a very talented family. We have photographers, cooks and chefs, woodworkers, painters, jewelry makers, sewers, writers, magicians and list goes on and on. I realized that I am very proud of the family that I have and all there talents and accomplishments, so I decided to showcase a few of them. . .

Dad, this is so great. . .don't kill me for posting it!!! LOL


Mom, I was out with Mike and Gail this weekend and come across some of your old friends. Thought you might like to see them. . .

Hey Doowittagen, ya wanna do a trick again on this website I really really want to see another trick!!! HEHE (I know this is a work in progress, I was just so excited that you are going to have a website that I had to post. (It is to the right of the main screen by Jeff's website). Again, don't kill me for posting it!! LOL

Cool Bird

Jeff and I were traveling up North this weekend and we came across a really big birds nest. We thought at first it was a bald eagles nest, but it was an Osprey's nest. It was really cool.
home... not home....

A Prayer For Sara

I am very sad to report that has been pretty sick lately. She is vomiting and we cannot seem to figure out the problem. She has an appointment at the vet, so I will keep everyone posted. If you remember, please say a little prayer for her tonight. She is the only baby I have and I'm not ready to lose her yet. :(

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Long Time, No Write

Ok, I know I have not posted anything in a while. . .I'm sorry. Things . . .as usual. . . are really really busy this time of year. As if work, softball (for Jeff who happens to have the highest batting average on his team right now. . .he rocks) and house projects weren't enough Jeff also works side jobs in the summer and I am looking for something part-time in addition to my full time job!! Our wants out weigh our pay!! So, we decided a little extra income never hurt! Anyway, just wanted to let everyone know we were doing great. We get the new carpet installed in two rooms in a couple of weeks. The addition will be done then (I did not think that day would ever come) and I will post pictures.

Back By Popular Demand

As most of you know, Jeff does photography as a hobby. He has some of his photos hanging at The Gourmet Cafe in downtown Glens Falls and he had one of his prints published in a travel book. Lately he has been getting a lot of request for his prints. Anyone interested can go to his website (see left side of blog) and see his photos there. They are all available to purchase. He has many many many more photos that he needs to add to his site, again that time factor gets in the way. Pass along his website to anyone that is interested. If anyone wants pricing, just email Jeff and he can work something out with you. Below is his most requested photo. He was a finalist in a very large photo contest with this print as well. Enjoy and thanks for looking!!

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Happy 4th of July

And Happy Birthday Dave! We are not doing too much for the 4th, probably stay home and BBQ and watch the show from the front porch. I did go to Racheal's 4th of July party last weekend. We had a blast. Here are some of the pictures from the party:

A 4th Of July Breakfast

I made Jeff red, white and blue potatoes! I thought they were so cool I had to take a picture!! LOL