Wednesday, September 26, 2007

A New "Do"

Ok, so sometimes when I talk to Lindsay she will tell me about the way she styled her hair that day and how cute it is. I am always pestering her to send me pictures so I can see how cute it is. Well I finally got an email from Lindsay that said "Here is a picture of my hair" and this is what was attached!!!! I laughed so hard I almost cried!!!

Monday, September 24, 2007

I Miss You

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Hailey Turns One

Today we celebrated Hailey's 1 year birthday! I went to Rachael's at about 9:30am. We had so much fun getting ready for the party. I got to give Hailey a bath and dress her in her birthday outfit. We spent about 2 hours decorating the front yard. Rachael and Kathen went nuts for her birthday. She had two Elmo cakes, one for us and one for her. She also had two special guests, Cookie Monster and Big Bird! What a riot! Everything was great and everyone had such a good time. I posted a bunch of pictures but they were also so cute I couldn't narrow it down!

Racheal Gets Engaged

Finally!! It was AWESOME! At the end of Hailey's birthday party "Cookie Monster" gave Hailey one more present to open. Mom helped her and it was a shirt that said "I have mommy and daddy wrapped around my little finger." Then there was a note from Hailey that said "Mommy will you please marry my daddy". The ring was wrapped up the in the note. It was great! I think I cried more than Rachael LOL Below are the pictures. Congratulations Rachael and Kathen! We love you guys!!

Balloon Festival

The Adirondack Balloon Festival was this weekend. I unfortunately only got to see one balloon. We missed the launch because the traffic was so bad. It was a beautiful day though and I got to use my new camera!!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Thats all for now. . .

I have lots more to share. I will post again soon. . .

Mary and Chrissy's Birthday

My friend Chrissy and I have birthdays that are just a couple of days apart. We decided to go to Woodstock Vermont to a place called Simon Pearce. They make glass, pottery and hand woven rugs. There is also a restaurant and a place where you can watch them make the glass. We spent a few hours there and I am pretty sure I could have stayed all day. It was so cool. I think it was the most expensive lunch I have ever had in my life, but it was great! LOL Chrissy and Rob got some new pottery for that new gorgeous house of theirs. As for Jeff and I we got . . . Simon Pearce wine of course!! You can check out Simon Pearce online. They have some beautiful pieces. Below are some pictures of them making the glass.