Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Been Busy, But Here Are Some Random Pics

Nick, Lainey and Gabe (I love the look on Gabe's face in this picture!!)

Nick and Lainey

Gabe and Lainey


Rebekah said...

OH MY GOSH! Aunt Mary, They are just the cutest little bundles of joys!!!!! I ABSULUTLY LUV GABES FACE IN THE FIRST PIC!!!!! I LUV IT!!!!

Love ya! Take care!

Neddo Happenings said...

Hi Guys!!

What a sweet face Gabriel!!! Looks like the camara surprised him. Laniey looks like she's having way to much fun. I can almost read Nick's mind......
"Guys...guys...hellooooo..... YOU CAN GET OFF ME ANY TIME NOW!!!"
What fun, I can't wait to see them all.

Love you!

Neddo Happenings said...

Okay, I thought of another caption for this picture....

Gabe: Lets out a real good toot
Lanie: "Dude, that was funkaaayyy!"
Nick: "Alright, that was a good one Brother! Let me try now!"

Love this picture...really the best expression of them. They are really precious.

Love, Sis

Mary Dunbar said...

Jo, that is hysterical!

gramma and poppa said...

Made me cry, they are so beautiful. Gabe, you have and award winning smile and eyes. Just to cute. They have gotten so big. We can,t wait to see you all again. Love mom