Monday, September 22, 2008

Hailey Turns 2!!!

My sweet Hailey had her second birthday party yesterday. She is SO big and the absolute sweetest 2 year old ever! Jeff and I took the babies to the party. Hailey LOVES the babies and was all smiles when we got there. We had to feed the babies so I didnt get to see her play her games. Actually I missed just about everything. =( But at least I got a hug and piece of cake! LOL Racheal, as usual, did an amazing job and through her a wonderful party. She got a kitten from mommy and daddy. She was so excited and couldnt stop saying "meow". So sweet. It was great to see friends and family we had not seen in a while. Especially Aunt Shirley and cousin Sue ans sweet Savannah who is getting SO BIG. She is such a doll. We always have so much fun together. There is something about Aunt Shirley that kids/babies just love. Maybe they can sense what a kind heart she has. Well she scooped up Nicholas first and he was so comfy he went right to sleep. Next she scooped up Lainey who talked to her for a little while then she was out too. She didnt get a chance to scoop up Gabe because we had to go. So, Aunt Shirley you've still got it, the babies loved you!!! I cant wait to see you guys again soon. Maybe Sue could take my medical transcription test for me and save me the trouble!! LOL What ya say Sue??

I also got to see my friend Emily and Sue. I met them through Racheal, they are great friends to her. I got to hold Emily's new baby girl, Sienna Grace. What A Doll!! I think I could have snuggled her for hours! She has the sweetest little chubby legs and beautiful eyes!!! I think Emily may be my biggest blog fan. LOL If she ever gets me a picture of that darling daughter of hers I will post it. I cant wait to see you guys again!

Here are a couple of pictures that Jeff was able to get of Hailey.

(Oh - Aunt Shirley, you asked me how to post a comment. Click on the word comment at the end of the post, then you can choose anonymous, type in your comment, then I think you may have to type in a security code, choose publish comment and you should be good to go. I think anyway.)


gramma and poppa said...

Happy Birthday Haley!!! WOW, 2 years old already. Where does the time go. Aunt Shirley, Don't get to comfy with those triplets. I will be there next week to take over LOL. Sounds like everyone had a great time. Wish I could of been there. Love and miss you all. Sandy

Rebekah said...

AW! She is just the cutest little girl in the world!! She is so adorable! lol Happy birthday! (Even though she probably doesn't remember me!) lol



Racheal said...

I can't believe my little girl is 2! Enjoy those babies as you can see they grow up so fast! She is such a little doll. Happy Birthday Hailey! Mommy loves you!!

Hailey said...

Thanks Aunt Mary for coming to my party. Your babies are sooooo cute.I can't wait to see you again so I can help feed the babies. Tell uncle Jeff not to worry about not being able to get to many pictures of the party he did great and I will pose for him at mommy's wedding! I love you both. Hugs and Kisses to all of you!!