Thursday, September 18, 2008

Boo Boo's =(

The babies had their immunizations today. It was awful, emotional, lots of tears. . .but the babies did great! I quite literally cried more than the babies. We did all the preliminary stuff then it was time. Mom starts crying. They each had to drink some stuff and then get 3 shots in the thighs. Gabe went first, then Nick, then Lainey. The boys did so good. They cried as they were getting the shots (the nurse was great, she did all three shots in about 6 seconds) but as soon as daddy or I held them they stopped crying. Nicholas cried a little harder during the shots but they both settled down in less than a minute. Mom still crying. Then Lainey went, she cried pretty hard during the shots and it took 3 or 4 minutes to settle her but daddy cuddled her and she did calm down. Mom still crying. By the time we got them all bundled up and back in their car seats they were all fine. Mom still crying. Since they have been home they have been great. No fevers yet. They are just sleeping A LOT. Lets hope that last through the night. Mom finally stopped crying. All the babies got weighed too. They are. . .

Lainey - 11lbs 3.5oz.
Nick - 11lbs 6.5oz.
Gabe - 12lbs.

My beeeeeeeegg babies!! They are doing so good!!! They all got a clean bill of health. They are watching the boys to make sure they dont have hernia's though. They are having some fluid "down under" which could be a sign of a hernia, although no signs of anything yet. If they do have hernia's they will need surgery. Please keep the babies, especially the boys in your prayers. I dont want them to have to have any surgery's. Other than that, everything is good. Below is a picture of the poor little pumpkins with their band-aids. =( They got LOTS of snuggles.





Nichelle said...

Wow they are getting SO big! My trio are not due for shots until the end of October. I wanted to wait to their adjusted 2 month age. I'm with you (I read your post on BC)on the schedule thing, its SO hard to keep one!! I am trying though... had alot of those rough nights myself!!
Your great with posting all the time, I'm trying to keep up to you! heehee
Nichelle (BC)

gramma and poppa said...

Aweeeee, my poor babies. Give them lots of hugs and kisses from gramma. They look so BIG!!!. I will see you soon honey. Love Mom

Neddo Happenings said...

Poor babies!!! I always cried when my sweeties had shots. I even teared up when Kalah had her 5 yr. boosters.

I really love the rolls on the cute!

Love ya!

Jill Mason said...

Hi Mary, sorry the shot's were so rough. Mine had shots last friday and did ok. I think having had a baby before, I did a little better than if I had only the trio, otherwise I would have been right there with you. I will keep the boy's in my prayers that they don't have hernias, but if they do the surgery is not that bad. Both my boy's had to have hernia surgery a little less than a month ago and all went well. Cooper might have to have surgery again, he had a hernia on the right side and when they fixed it they went in and looked on the left and said all was well, but now I think he has one on the left:( We go on Oct 3rd to have it checked out. Hang in there, we will all survice this triplet rollercoaster.

Jill from BBC

Rebekah said...

AW! Sorry Aunt Mary! well I hope that they don't get any fevers! ttyl bye!


tongues_of_fire14 said...

:( Poor babies!!! I looked at the rest of the blog... I still can't tell the difference between Nick and Gabe. Oh well, I'll get it.
Give the babies zerberts for me!!! I love you guys.


Racheal said...

I cried when hailey got her first shots and got yelled at by the doctor. It was alot harder on me then her.LOL Give there boo boo kisses from aunt Racheal