Saturday, June 30, 2007

And There Off

Mom and Dave are finally headed to Nebraska. We spend Thursday night finishing the packing and loading the truck. Lets just say mom has A LOT of . . .antiques. LOL I think we all finally went to bed about midnight then up at 5:00 to finishing loading up and on the road by 6:30ish. They should be arriving today (Sunday, hopefully mid afternoon). I got a message from mom last night that said they were doing fine and almost to Nebraska. Here are some pictures of them leaving:

New Bedroom Furniture

Here is a sneak peak of the new bedroom furniture. Its so BEAUTIFUL!!! :)

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Nebraska Zoo Fund

Mom and Dave (or Gramma and Poppa) are almost ready to make the trip to Nebraska. :( (Boo-hoo for me). This will mean that my father, brother, mother and basically entire immediate family now resides in Nebraska. (Did I say boo-hoo yet). Mom had to have one last yard sale before she left. Girls, she cant wait to see you! Here are some fun photos of mom, Dave and I having the yard sale. Our theme was Nebraska Zoo Fund!

Jeff's New Tattoo??
Jeff plays catcher a lot during his softball games, well while catching the other night he got hit with one of the balls. Check out the picture, you can actually see the thread marks from the softball!! OUCH!!

The Verdict Is In. . .
VANISH is the name of the remaining fish! Thank you girls for your help!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Thunder Booms!

We had a REALLY big thunderstorm tonight! I had Jeff get his camera and take a video of the storm so everyone could here how LOUD the thunder and lightening was. I have not heard thunder that loud in my entire life. It was crazy!


Red Fish, Blue Fish, Who Fish?. . .

As some of you know, Uncle Jeff and Aunt Mary had the honor of adopting the Neddo's fish (Presto and Vanish) when they left for Nebraska. One of the fish passed onto the "deep blue sea" (as Mekalah would say) to be with his other family members. However, we still have one fish left. The problem is I cant tell if it is Presto or Vanish? So, girls, here is a picture of said fish. Can you tell which one it is?

Sara says Hello. . .

She really really misses the girls. Hello girls and cousin Murphy!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Happy Fathers Day!

We celebrated Father's Day all weekend. ;-) We started Saturday by painting the porch. We just have primer on it right now, but it will eventually be an eggshell color to match the trim on the siding. Mom and Dave came down and helped paint. Then we had really really good BBQ. So of course we were too stuffed to do anything else.

(Remember I said I couldn't grow a plant to save my life. Please note the sagging drooping plant on the porch that I have managed to kill already! You'll never guess how. . .too much water! I can't win!!)

But we did not rest for long because Jeff had a softball game. I attached some pics of him playing. His team (Pine Knolls Church) is in first. I love the team he plays on! They are so great and so much fun. Thank you Kristy and Justin!! :)

New Furnace

They have started putting in the new duct work for the new furnace and central air. Jeff and I are really excited! I hope it will be finished in a couple of weeks. Check out the old furnace that is now in a pile on the lawn!!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

More Grad Pics. . .

Monday, June 11, 2007

Were Back!! What a weekend!!
Where do I begin! We had such a great weekend. I think this weekend was filled with every emotion available, happy, frustrated, proud, excited, sad. . .you name it. The weekend started with. . .

Americade, 25th Anniversary
Americade started this Monday, but due to rainy weather and a busy schedule we were unable to get there until Friday. We had about 1 hour to hang out before we had to load the car and head to Seattle. An hour was better then nothing. It is amazing how many bikes go to Lake George for this event. Bikers are like their own little community. They always give each other a wave or nod as they ride past. It really is a way of life. We made it to the "tents" where we grabbed a cheeseburger and lemonade (free of charge due to my hunny's connections. . he he) then we hit the vendors. We got a new pair of sun glasses and a tank for Alyssa. Ashtun, Lindsay, Bekah, Chelsey and Kalah check out the picture of the shirt that we wanted to get you!! Here are some more photos of all the bikes and scenery. (Notice the mountains, for the Nebraskians --and you know who you are--are there mountains in Nebraska. . .I think not. Just kidding) After Americade it is on to Seattle. . .

A New Meaning To "On a Wing and a Prayer"
Where do I start. This was Danny's first plane ride and every thing that could go wrong did! LOL We got to Albany airport to find out that their was bad weather and our plane was delayed. Delayed was better than canceled. We waited about an hour and a half on the plane before we were given the ok to take off which put us at about 11:45pm. We seem to always get the seats by the wing of the plane. All I can say next is turbulence, turbulence, turbulence. As I squeeze my husbands hand and prayed that we land safely (hence the name of this blog) we finally landed in Chicago.

Did you happen to notice what time I said we left Albany, yeah well that meant we did not make our connecting flight. It gets better, because of the wonderful discount I was able to get on these tickets, the flight we missed was the last flight of the night. It gets better, we then asked when the next flight was that we would be booked on. She proceeds to tell us 8:00 PM the next night because of the weather and some computer glitch in the system that has held up many flights. As tears now fill my eyes, the lady says she will put us on the high priority stand by list for the 8:00am flight and every flight thereafter until we are able to board. It gets better, not wanting to take any chances of missing the 8:00am flight I thought it was best to spend the night in the airport. And as luck would have it, we were able to board the 8:00am flight. But wait, it gets better. . .after boarding the captain tells us the blade in the engine is badly bent and we need to exit the plane so they can either fix it or give us a new plane. (We just have to laugh at this point are we were going to kill someone). It gets better, we no sooner get off the plane to hear the announcement that "its not that bad, we can fly the way it is". (And the praying commences once again). But wait, it gets better, we finally arrive in Seattle about 11:30am to find out the airport is "congested" and we need to circle for about 20 mins. At this point I am having a conversation with the gentleman next to me (who is not my husband because we were unable to sit together) and I tell him our Seattle Saga to which he asks me "What on earth in Seattle could be worth this" It was an easy question to answer. . .

Alyssa Graduates!!

I still cant believe Alyssa is a high school graduate. It was awesome to see her in her gown with her graduation hat. She had about 300 kids in her graduating class (coming from a class of 63, this was amazing). They started the ceremony playing the graduation march. Out she comes standing tall. She looked just beautiful. Tears filled my eyes again (shocker, I know) as I watched her walk down then looked at Jeff and could see the pride in his eyes. He still can not believe his "little girl" has graduated. It doesn't seem possible. Once they were all seated they had a couple of speakers which were really good. Then they started handing out diplomas. With 300 kids I thought it was going to take forever but it went by rather quickly. There are some pictures of Alyssa waiting to march and receiving her diploma. She looked so happy (and a little nervous. . .biting her nails hehe). Here are a couple of the pictures from graduation. I will post more later.

Last but not least, Thank You

Jeff, Alyssa and I wanted to say thank you to all of our family and friends for the cards and college contributions. I can not believe how generation and caring everyone was. It really means a lot to all of us. Thank you again.

(Alyssa opening cards)

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Welcome To Our Life In Upstate New York


Hello everybody!! I got an email recently from a friend that was a blog like this. Each day she downloads and updates it. I thought it would be cool to do the same thing. With our family scattered throughout the US, I thought this would be a great way to share all the craziness of our lives in Upstate New York. I can't say I will be as diligent as my friend and update it daily, however I will try to update it weekly. So here goes. . .

Flowers, Flowers, and More Flowers

Ok, so anyone who knows me knows I can't grow a plant to save my life! But, I really wanted to decorate the wrap around porch with flowers this year. Jeff knows a guy who runs a greenhouse and gave us a great deal on these flowers. The porch looks great!! I just hope I don't kill them!! We will be painting the porch hopefully next weekend. Check back for pictures of all the renovations. . .

Alyssa's Graduation

I can't believe Alyssa's is graduating from High School. What a bittersweet time it is right now. Its so much fun watching her go through the graduation process and of course the college choice dilemma's. Jeff can not believe his "little girl" is graduating. She has decided to major in pre-dental as of right now. She was accepted to PLU (Pacific Lutheran University) in Seattle, however I think she has decided to go to a community college for the first year or two then transfer. This will help stretch her college fund a little longer. Graduation is Sunday, June 10th. I will post pictures and tell everyone about it as soon as I get back.