Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Baby Update

We had an appointment today with my OB in Glens Falls. Everything went really well. Cervix is still long and closed, blood pressure was good, weight was good (gained 16lbs so far). They do not do measurements on the babies at these appointments but they really look big. The U/S tech said that movement was definitely not an issue, I said no its not! These babies move all day and night. I wonder if that is any indication of what they will be like on the outside! Oh boy better get my running shoes on!! My doctor said he could not be happier with everything and was very happy with the cervix. Although it had shortened, it still looked good. Whew, what a relief. The only downer to the appointment was my doctor put my on limited bed rest. The words I was dreading to here. This is as a precaution. He wants everything to stay great. Sigh. It is hard enough giving up your independence even a little, now I have to give it up a lot. This is going to be a struggle for me, but for the sake of the babies I will suck it up!! So, no more vacuuming, sweeping or laundry. Dishes are ok, as long as there isnt a sink full. Well, maybe I will have more time to post! And I certainly have PLENTY of baby items to sort! I finally got a picture of Lainey's face, I swear that kids has all feet pictures! Here are pictures of all 3. A-Lainey, B-Nicholas, C-Gabriel. . .

Baby Shower No. 1

WOW, where do I begin. It was such an amazing shower and probably one of my favorite pregnancy moments. My mom, sister-in-law and cousin Racheal through this shower. They had it at the Hiland Golf Course. To my surprise, my sister-in-law, brother, and nieces were flown in for the shower! They surprised me one night while I was talking to Jeff in the kitchen. I turned around and there standing was the whole family!! Even my brother was able to come. I was so happy and excited! The girls are so big and it was great to see them. They were a big help with sorting of the stuff from the shower! I can not believe how generous everyone was. Jeff and I feel truly blessed to have been given such a wonderful shower. The food was great too, there was a pasta bar, salad bar, even and ice cream bar! My brother went from table to table during dinner and did magic!! He even made diapers appear!! It was AWESOME!! We played games and raffled off baskets. You had to bring a small baby item to enter the raffle. We got some really great things because of that. Jeff got spoiled too. My mom got him the diaper bag he wanted (The Skip Hop Duo Deluxe in camo!!) She stuffed it full of baby stuff. He loves that bag!! Then, the guys in the family have this thing were if by some small miracle they were right about something and could actually get their wife to admit that they were right then they would call each other and say "Today at 1:37pm I was RIGHT!" Needless to say they dont talk much!! LOL Just kidding. Well, my dad sent onsies that said "Future Mr. Right" for the 2 boys and one that says "Future Mrs. Always Right". Each onsie came with a little baby cell phone!! My brother explained the story to everyone then Jeff got to open the package. It was great!! We have it on video, unfortunately I dont know how to get it off the video camera. Last but not least, I wanted to say a special thank you to my mom, Jo, and Racheal for everything you did to make my shower special for me. It was truly appreciated and Jeff and I are very grateful. Below are some pictures of the shower. Would you look at that belly! Yikes!! LOL

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

3D Ultrasound Pictures

Uncle David's 60th Birthday

Here are some of the photos from Uncle Davids birthday party. It is so much fun when the whole family gets together!! Complete and total chaos!! I love it!! LOL

I Missed The Easter Egg Hunt

Ok, so disappointed. I tried to time my day so that I would have have enough time to go to the Eater Egg Hunt stay for an hour or so and then go pick up mom. I talked with a couple of the ladies and they said they should still be there by 2:00 Well, I am not from Albany so it took my a couple of minutes to find the playground and I didnt get there until 2:15. =( Everyone was gone, it was so hot everyone was ready to call it a day. I missed the whole thing by 10 minutes. Talk about disappointed. . . maybe next time. . .

She Made It

Mom made it in on Saturday! It was a beautiful day and has been since she got here. I think she brought some LA sunshine with her. hehe. We have been shopping and trying to organize the house. She is doing GREAT quitting smoking. We are on Day 3!! On Day 7 Jeff and I are taking her to dinner. We'll keep you posted. . .

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Mom's Coming Today

Mom will be here at 3:30!! I am looking forward to her being here. I am leaving for Albany at about 1:00 because I am going to an Easter Egg Hunt that is hosted by a group of triplet moms that I belong too. I have never met these ladies but they are very helpful via email. I cant wait for that either. It should be a fun afternoon. I will post pictures!

I'm A Slacker

I have not been posting as much as I should. Sigh. We had a couple of rough days last week and all I wanted to do was be a bump on the couch. I am feeling better now so I will soon have lots to post. Mini-van momma, Uncle David's 60the birthday, house renovation. . . lots to come! But right now I have to get ready because. . .

Friday, April 11, 2008

6 Month Belly Picture

24 Weeks. We made it 24 weeks. What a great milestone for us. The babies are considered "viable" and could survive outside the womb. I feel blessed to have made it to the 24 week mark and am looking for to the next goal which is 28 weeks. The survival rate at 28 weeks is almost the same at full term. I have had a talk with the babies and told them they are to stay put for a couple more months. They seem comfy, if not squished. They kick me all the time, but it very rarely hurts. We have another appt on Friday 19th in which I will get sizes of the babies again. I know they have grown!! I am having a little trouble getting around. My muscles plain ole' just hurt! LOL But even so, its not too bad . . . yet. My mom will be here next week to help take care of things. I am looking forward to her being here as things are getting a little harder to do. She did buy a one way ticket though!! Um, Mom. . .you have to go sometime!!! LOL

Spring Is Officially Here

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

I Am Offically A SAHPM

Stay At Home Pregnant Mommy. It has only been 3 days (not counting the weekend) and I am already going nuts!! LOL I am still going to school so I try to study 2 hours each day. Other than that, I just putter around the house. I can only clean the house so much, especially becuase it is under construction as usual. =) So I am trying to find ways to keep myself busy. I cant go shopping everyday because I will be, scratch that, am broke! LOL So I am reading lots of baby books and finding creative ways to live on a budget! Any other suggestions for passing the time so I dont pull my hair out, always appreciated!