Monday, September 15, 2008

Lainey Have Fun In Her Bumbo

"I don't like it. . ."

"Maybe its ok. . ."

"I like it!!!!"


Brittney said...

aww she is so cute and so are the boys!! we all had LOTS of fun babysitting friday and we're glad that they let you sleep 'til 2! remember if you ever need a babysitter you can call me. :)
Brittney H.

Nichelle said...

I Love the Bumbo pic's! I may have to get some. Glad all is well on your end...
Nichelle (BC)

gramma and poppa said...

Oh my goodness, She is so beautiful! I love the captions, But the first picture is just to much, lol, Such a sad face. I just love these pics. TY for posting I know it takes time that you probally don,t have much of. Just to cute! Love mom

Nichelle said...

Mary the picture frames are from GREAT gift ideas, Hint hint to those who read Mary's blog.
How did you get your top scrap book page? I went to the site and did what you did but could not put it on my blog? Yes I got it from you:-) Love the hand & feet but didn't want to
Nichelle (BBC)

Neddo Happenings said...


She is so cute...great captions!


tongues_of_fire14 said...

Oh My Gosh!!!
You have the most adorable babies in the world!!!