Monday, June 9, 2008

Quick Update

I am still couch bound. Thankfully I have not had a lot of contractions (I dont think anyway, everyone says I'll know!!). I am just taking it easy. We have an appointment tomorrow at 1:30. Hopefully nothing has changed and they will send me back home. I will be 33 weeks (1 day shy). Our goal is 34. If no babies by 35 they will schedule the c-section. So, praying that tomorrow they will say the babies are 4lbs and that nothing has changed and I can come back home. Will give you another update tomorrow. . .


Michele said...

Just checking in. Keep me posted on these babies.

I am coming home this weekend. Maybe I'll see you.

Sara B. said...

Hope the appt today goes well! How are you surviving at home with the heat? I hope you have A/C; it's bad enough living without it carrying one babe let alone three, aiee :P

Love the belly pic too, you look great!