Thursday, June 5, 2008

32 Weeks - Baby Update

We went to the Peri yesterday and the babies are doing great! They are 3.9, 3.12, and 3.13lbs. They did their breathing movements which is great and their heartbeats look good. They are really cramped and it is getting harder and harder to tell who is who. My cervix unfortunately shortened a lot. It went from 2.5 to 1.4 in a week and I am 1.5cm dilated. So, after much consideration the doctor has allowed me to come home, but I am on complete bed rest. I have another appointment on Tuesday (barring any changes). If cervix has shortened again or I have dilated anymore I will be admitted into the hospital. We are really trying for 34 weeks so we need to hold on a couple of weeks. Keep us and the babies in your prayers!! I will try to keep everyone posted!

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Anonymous said...

Praying for you all. Everyday counts at this point. Each day they are getting bigger and stronger. I pray they reach the 34 week mark. Call me if I can do anything for you!
Michelle H.