Friday, June 27, 2008

Baby Update

Hello everyone!!!! Well, where do I begin. . .the babies are absolutely perfect!! I can not describe what overwhelming joy and love we have for these babies. They are doing great. They have become quite famous in the Nicu and all the nurses just love them to pieces. We even have Nicu staff calling on their days off to find out how the "Dunbar Triplets" are doing. They are just so sweet and so loved. All of the babies are now together in the "lesser" part of the nicu. They are on the last phase before coming home. I am waiting for the doctor to come in and do my vitals, Gramma has gone up to do some feedings. She is very excited to be able to feed them, especially when she gets them all to herself. She just loves them to pieces. Here is a little update on each one. . .

Lainey - Baby A: Lainey Bug, as mommy has nicknamed her, was the oldest born at 12:03. She came out screaming! What a beautiful sound!! She weighed 3lbs 13oz. So tiny and sweet. She is the most alert and loves to look around and take everything in. She does not want to miss a trick. She is also the cuddliest. She lets mommy snuggle right up to her and she snuggles right back. She will not hesitate to let you know when she is upset about something though. =) She is probably the "strongest" at this point. She has been on room air since birth and takes all her feedings from a bottle. They have lowered her crib temp twice and she is maintaining her temp really well. She is well on her way to coming home. Thanks for all the prayers for her and keep them coming.

Nicholas - Baby B: Nicholas is the middle child born at 12:04. He too came out screaming to which Jeff and I said could not have been happier about. He was the smallest weighing in at 3lbs 11oz. He is very laid back and I call him my thinker. He always looks as though he is contemplating something. He is easily pacified and very content most of the time. He does let mommy snuggle him but will grunt will he needs a break from mommy's hugs and kisses. He has been eating the most, he is a great eater! He has been on room air since birth and taken all his feedings from bottles. The temp in his crib has been lowered as well and he too is holding is baby temp. He too is well on his way to coming home. Thanks for all the prayers for him and keep them coming.

Gabriel - Baby C: Gabriel was the youngest born at 12:05. He too came out screaming making mommy and daddy very proud. He was the biggest weighing 4lbs 2oz. Gabe is all boy and very much a daddy's boy already. He was the strongest at birth going right to the lessor part of the Nicu. He too is very easy going. He always looks as though he is thinking "whats going on, lets all just nap". He will snuggle with mommy but he really likes to just hang out and be held. When I snuggle him too much, he just looks at me like "ok mommy, enough already!!" LOL Gabe too has been on room air since birth and took his first 6 feedings by bottle. He does get very tired when eating and had to have a small feeding tube inserted into his belly. If he gets too tired and cant finish his bottle, we give it to him through his tube. He tends to eat really really good for his daddy. As soon as Jeff goes to feed him, he downs his bottles. His crib temp has been lowered a couple of times and he does pretty well maintaining the body temp. He needs a little extra help with his feeding but other than that, he is well on his way to coming home too. Thanks for all the prayers for him and keep them coming, especially for his feedings.

Daddy - Jeff is the most amazing daddy in the world! I get so jealous because he is the one that was able to do the feedings first, change first diapers, change clothes, he even takes temp on them and measures their bellys!! He does it all and is so wonderful at it! The babies just love him. They hear his voice and their eyes always dart to where ever he is standing. He rarely misses the opportunity to go up to the Nicu to feed and hold them. And if he can not be in the Nicu with them, he is calling for updates. He had to work today and its killing him! =) He cant wait to get back to his babies. They miss him too. We are all very lucky to have Jeff as their daddy.

Mommy - Last but not least, mommy is feeling good! I had a little trouble with recovery after the c-section due to high blood pressure so I was not able to go see the babies until 9pm that night. I was able to hold all of them the first night and feeding Gabe. Then next day I was up walking for most of my trips up to the Nicu. I am really not in a lot of pain, meds certainly help!! I am extremely swollen but that is very normal. My bandage came off today and everything looks great. Still waiting for the belly to go down. It will be a slow process. The C-section itself was not bad at all. I was pretty nervous, but is went so smoothly. Blood pressure has its ups and downs, but nothing too alarming. I spend every waking moment with the babies. I love to hold them and just be with them. I am recovering really well and looking forward to bringing the babies home.

We have more pictures, but I need Jeffs help to download them. So maybe tonight, pending any exhaustion, we will post more pictures. Thank you again for the well wishes, comments, and prayers. Much love!

Mary and Jeff


Jil from bbc said...

Mary, I'm so glad to hear that everyone is doing so well. You will ALL be home together before you know it!! Can't wait to see more pics of Lainey, Nick and Gabe:)

Michele said...

Mary thanks for the update. Glad to hear everyone is doing so well. Can not wait to see you and the little ones. Looking forward to the pictures. Love you guys-

Kristen said...


Glad to hear everybody is doing well! I have been anxiously awaiting an update! I have been sharing your blog with some of my friends, everyone is so excited for you and your family. Its amazing! Keep the updates coming.
Much love to you all!

Kristen, Jay & Jack

Steph said...

So glad to see that everything is going great. I'm so happy for you guys. Wishing you the best!!

Steph Daley

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the update. So glad everyone is doing so well. We will be away camping with no internet for 10 days so I won't be able to check upon everyone. Maybe I will run home and check..LOL I will continue to keep you all in prayer.
Michelle H.

Kate said...

Oh wow Mary! They are doing AWESOME!!! At this rate they'll be home in no time! Gabe will get the feeding down I'm sure. Sometimes it just clicks and bammo they start cruising through and before you know it they are home with you waking you up in the middle of the night to eat! I admit, I much preferred waking to feed my girls than calling the NICU at 4 see how they had eaten!

Glad you are feeling rather well and hope the blood pressure stops going wonky on you!

I'd love to know who delivered you, you went to Women's Wellness Center, right? I loved Dr. Dexter, he delivered my girls.

Can't wait to see the first time at home pictures!

-Kate (twin mommmy from BBC)

Madigan said...

Happy to hear that you are all doing well! Best wishes on getting them all home soon!!

Rebekah said...

Hi Aunt Mary,

Im glad that everyone is doing great!

Love you guys and we all miss you guys a lot!!!