Sunday, June 29, 2008

More baby pix!!!!--update on Mary

Sorry about the delay in posting. As you all can probably guess, we have been busy!!!(go figure!)
So far, i think out of over 80 feedings, Mary might have missed 5 or so.
Mary wants everyone to know how much we appreciate the flowers and calls! It really brightens our day as we come back to our room and get a bunch of messages and some flowers! Thank you to everyone for all the kindness and support. We would also like to especially thank Mom for her help in making sure these children are cared for. She contributes daily in numerous ways to ensure we are all set. And to her husband David for giving up their time together in order for her to be here with us.
Mary's doctor has come in and told us he has decided to hold her another day to try and get her BP lower. It is routine with her type of pregnancy to go through a period of high blood pressure after the ceserian operation. But it is high enough that they want her to stay so they can work on it.


Kristen said...

hi guys! Just doing my daily check in on the Dunbar family. Thank for the update on Mary, glad they are keeping her at the hospital where they can monitor her! Plus, she gets to be right there with the babies, how great is that... Keep the updates coming, we are really enjoying reading all about this amazing experience. Give a call when you can 732-259-1791

Kristen, Jay and Jack

Kate said...

The babies are so precious! Thank you for the pictures! And way to go Momma for doing so many feedings! I hope your blood pressure returns to normal and the babies go home soon!

Seeing the NICU pics brings back such memories of our 7 1/2 weeks in Albany, and while our stay was not pleasant, hopefully yours will be far better and SHORTER!