Thursday, May 29, 2008

WOW, Sleepy Head

It seems as though the only place I can get a comfy nights sleep is on the couch. Well, last night I actually slept through the night! I woke up with Jeff around 6:15am then went BACK to sleep at 7:30am until 11:00am!!! Seriously! I did not know that one person could sleep that much. Well, maybe one person can't but 4 can!!! LOL


Madigan said...

Get all the sleep you can girl!! Before you know it, you won't be getting much. ;-)
I'm so excited for you guys!!1 Hugs.

Rebekah said...

Go ahead and sleep for as long as you can Aunt Mary! (Pretty soon you won't have enough time to even sit down)LOL!

Well I love you guys and we miss you guys a ton!


Mary Dunbar said...

You guys are right!! I wish I could bank sleep, then I could use it in a couple weeks! LOL Oh-well!