Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Double A Lunch

The blessings continue!! I got a call last week from Karen (who works with Jeff) who asked me to be at Double A on Thursday for 11:30 for a surprise lunch. I said ABSOLUTELY!! Jeff had NO idea that this was being planned. The Double A gang managed to not only keep it a secret but to sneak in an ton of food right under his nose. He really was clueless! It was great because Jeff is one on the hardest people in the universe to surprise. I have only seen him blush a few times, and this was one of them. His face was bright red! We had a great lunch and some yummy desserts! Double A also gave us a very generous gas gift card to help with all our doctor's appointments in Latham. He works with greatest people. We were so happy and thankful for such a great day. Thank you Double A!!!

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gramma and poppa said...

Jeff, I'm not sure this is a good picture or not. Your job looks pretty cushy to me. lol mom