Wednesday, May 21, 2008

30 Weeks

We made it to 30 weeks today!! Yeah!! We had an appointment this morning and babies look good. They are cramped and getting really big but all the heartbeats were good. As for me, still doing ok. Cervical length shortened a bit again. But doctor did not seem worried. He was very please with all the scans and the way the babies look. I did gain 8 lbs. in 2 weeks though!! Jeez, I had only gained 16 the whole pregnancy 2 weeks ago!! I guess my late night meetings with my 2 friends Ben and Jerry will have to be limited!! LOL So, it still stands, anywhere between 2 and 5 weeks. Holy Moly! It really will be here in no time. I cant believe we have made it this far along. I really feel blessed and I am so excited to meet my little munchkins!! Ok, anybody got any guess on when we will have the babies??


Anonymous said...

I'm gonna say the due date will be... June 17. That's just a guess. How long are you going to try to make it?


Mary Dunbar said...

I think that is a great date Linsday!! We are going to try to make it as long as we can!! Love you and miss you!!

Love Aunt Mary

Anonymous said...

I think you will have them at like
say June 11th. I looked at the calender and im just like there is one date that is kind of sticking out and the date was June 11th.

Love You and Miss You Guys!!!!!


Michele said...

I say June 17th.

Mary Dunbar said...

Rebekah - June 11 is a great date too. Hhhmm we will have to see!! Miss you and love you!!!

Michele - June 17th is a popular day!! Hhmmmmm. . . Oh, and Happy Birthday!!!

Kristen - Happy Belated Birthday!!

Anonymous said...

I think the due date is July 4th, papa's birthday.

Mary Dunbar said...

Mom - July 4th would be great! I dont know if my body can hold out that long but I will sure try!!