Monday, May 12, 2008

The Fireplace

We had this really old wood fireplace in what was going to be the "family room". Well, this fireplace wasnt really functioning well and wasnt worth trying to get it up and running. So, before we found out we were pregnant we had decided to put in a gas fireplace, you know one of those ventless ones. We purchased everything we needed to put the fireplace in and then found out we were pregnant. We thought, ok cool we will take the "family room" and give the baby (singular) our room. Ha, then we found out we were pregnant with triplets! Ok, no problem. The very large "family room" will now be the nursery. So this nursery is going to be so beautiful! Jeff finished putting in the fireplace and tested it, so far so good! LOL It looks beautiful and he did a great job on it. He is so talented when it comes to this stuff. I am always amazed at the things he is able to accomplish. Below is a picture of the fireplace in the nursery. I can just see Jeff and I in there this winter rocking the babies in front of the fire. I cant wait. Of course we will need furniture, which unfortunately is still back ordered!! Ugh. But hopefully will be here in a couple of weeks.


Kristen said...

wow, this came out beautifully! you must be so proud! time is moving quickly, isn't it!

Anonymous said...



Lindsay said...

Wow, this looks so awesome!!! You guys did a great job. Congrats! Tell the munchkins I love 'em!!!