Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Mothers Day!!

My "first Mothers Day!! Ok, well actually I have had lots of Mothers Day with Alyssa however, as it should be, she spends that day with her mom. And the babies are not technically here yet, but none-the-less My First Mothers Day!!! It was great. It started the night before when Jeff made a very nice dinner complete with our favorite, apple juice in the wine glasses! It was so good and so great to spend some time with him. I dont see him much these days. Then I woke up Mothers Day morning to a package on the table. It was a beautiful 3 heart necklace and a very sweet card from Jeff, Lainey, Gabe and Nick. The necklace has rose colored gold for the top heart, white gold for the second, and gold for the third! It was perfect!! I have the greatest husband in the world and would be so lost without him. Thank you for being so wonderful, I love you!!

After the gifts we went to breakfast with Rob, Chrissy, Momma Winslow, and Gigi at the Lamplighter Bed and Breakfast. The Winslows do this every year but this was the first year that Jeff and I have gone. It was so good! There is a breakfast buffet (all you can eat, whoa!! LOL) and the B&B is just beautiful!! We missed Steve, Jess, Terri and Madysen who couldnt make.

After breakfast we went to Carters to try to find a take home outfit for the babies, but no such luck. So, we headed home and watched a movie. I was in need of rest! LOL We spent the rest of the day just being together. It was such a great day!


Neddo Happenings said...


Your necklace is so beautiful! How perfect it is for you!.


Anonymous said...

I love the pics!!!!

Im glad you had fun!!!