Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Baby Update

I have been discharged from the hospital. I cant tell you how heart wrenching it is to leave the hospital and not be able to take your babies home. This has been and extremely hard couple of days but we are getting through it. Thankfully we are staying close to the hospital so I am able to spend all day and evening with the babies feeding them. They are doing well. Nicholas and Lainey have reached their birth weight and may possible go home this weekend. They have a few more obstacles to overcome, temperature mainly, and they can come home. Gabriel is doing well also however he is not eating as well as the others. He gets down his bottles but he is a little pokey about it therefore has not reached his birth weight yet. He is gaining weight though. A lot of it is mommy and daddy. We are new to this and have to learn the little tricks to feeding a preemie. We are getting it though. He may not be able to come home this weekend, but certainly wont be far behind. Should he need to stay a little longer we will transfer him to Glens Falls. Please keep all the babies in your prayers and especially Gabriel. We do have more pictures but with our schedule right now its tough to get any time and my camera got wet and doesn't seem to want to work now. Oh, if your curious to how are days go here's our schedule:

5:30am - Wake, shower, pump, possibly eat, get to the hospital for the 7am-8am feedings.
7:30am - Jeff leaves for work.
8:00am - Feed Gabriel.
8:30am - Go to breast pumping room.
9:00am - Pump for 35-45 minutes.
10:00am - Next round of feedings. Gabriel and Lainey are due.
11:00am - Time to feed Nicholas.
11:30am - Off to pumping room (hopefully eat as well).
12:00pm - Pump for 35-45 minutes.
1:00pm - Next round of feedings. Gabriel and Lainey are due.
2:00pm - Time to feed Gabriel.
2:30pm - Off to pumping room.
3:00pm - Pump for 35-45 minutes.
4:00pm- Next round of feedings. Gabriel and Lainey are hungry again! LOL
5:00pm - Time to feed Nicholas, he is hungry again too!
5:30pm - Off to pumping room.
6:00pm - Pump for 35-45 minutes.
7:00pm - Can you guess what comes next. . . next round of feedings!!!! But now Daddy is here!! He has finished a full day of work, driven to Albany and is ready to finish the feedings.
8:00pm - Yup you guessed time to feed Nick.
8:30pm - Off to pumping room. (Try to get some dinner with my husband).
9:00pm - Pump for 35-45 minutes.
10:00pm - Last round of feedings for the day (at least for mommy and daddy - thank god for night nurses!!!)
11:00pm - Feed Nick.
11:30pm - Head back to room. Pump for 35-45 minutes.
12:00pm - 5:30am Sleep.

Repeat!! It is a busy schedule but worth every minute. Ok, thats all for now. I have to go feed the babies!!!


Jill from bbc said...

That looks like a daunting schedule Mary. I can't even imagine how tired you must be after all that. Nichelle and I are right behind you. My c-section is schedules for 7/16, so in 2 weeks I will be in the same boast as you!!! I hope you are getting enough rest and starting to feel like your old self soon.

Rebekah said...

Wow a busy schedule! Well you will get through the day!!! At least it is like the same thing over and over again!! LOL Well you will get used to it and hopefully they can all come home very soon!!!!

Love you guys and I miss you guys a ton!!!


Sara B. said...

Busy busy mommy! How exciting that Nicholas and Lainey may come home soon, but it must be so hard knowing that Gabriel may need to stay in the hospital :( Are you staying at one of the hotels nearby?

Sending many prayers!