Thursday, July 24, 2008

One Month Old

Lainey Bug, I can not believe you are one month old today. You have changed so much in one month its hard to believe. You now weigh over 6lbs and mommy and daddy put you in newborn clothes for the first time yesterday. You really are a good baby, so content. You always eat so good and sleep so sound. I love how you have to be cuddled after each feed or you get upset. You are the most cuddliest baby. Mommy will sometimes scoop you up in the middle of the night just to sleep with you on the couch. We did this last night, you woke mommy by gently putting your hand on mommy's cheek. Each time you did this I would open my eyes and you would be looking at me. It was so sweet, you bring tears to my eyes. Daddy loves to cuddle you too. You will just bury yourself into his chest and fall right to sleep. Daddy tells you all the time that you are the most beautiful baby. I would have to agree. You are always so alert and will sometimes just lay in your bobby after you eat and look around. Mommy loves to read to you when you are awake like that. I think we will start some tummy time now. I am so proud of my little angel. We love you Lainey Bug.

Nicholas, one month old. You were my little guy when you were born but have grown so much. You are only a few ounces shy of 6lbs. Mommy and daddy put you in newborn clothes for the first time yesterday too. You are in between the preemie and newborn sizes. You are still having some trouble with your tummy but mommy and daddy and are trying different things to get you through. You try so hard to get through your pains and only cry when it is really bad. Mommy and daddy will hold you until it passes. I think you can sense that mommy gets so upset when your in pain because it always takes me a few moments longer to settle you then daddy. Daddy hates to see you in pain also but is very calming to you. You usually instantly stop crying when he picks you up. We will sometimes lay you on the couch on the pillow and you love that. Mommy also snuck in some sleep time the other night with you. You barely grunted at all and we slept so good. You too are starting to stay awake more and will sometimes just look around while you hang out in your bobby. We tried some tummy time the other day, but you didnt like that too much. We will try again in another week. You are such a good baby, we are so proud of our "little" man. We love you Nicky.

Gabriel, my youngest. One month old today and oh have you have changed. You are now over 6lbs. Mommy and daddy put you in newborn clothes yesterday as well. You are such a big boy. You too are having a little tummy trouble, but its not too bad. You are a very laid back baby. Because of this you are often the last one to eat. There are benefits to being last though, you get the longest cuddle time. You are like a round little ball and we love to muckle on to you. Mommy snuck some sleep time with you the other day as well. You were having a bit of a rough night and we snuggled up together and both slept so sound. You too will sometimes lay awake in your bobby and just look around. You are also perfectly content to grab a nap. I think you could sleep just about anywhere. You still grunt alot when you sleep but you dont seem to be in pain. You smile all the time, probably because you have so much gas. You have the biggest brightest eyes and make the cutest faces. You too love to hang out with dad. You are so content sitting with dad watching the Yankees. Mommy says no TV, but we make an exception for the Yankees. You are doing much better sucking on your bottles. We switched all of you from the preemie bottles from the Nicu to the Dr. Browns bottles and you did great. I am so proud of you. We love you so much Gabe.

Jeff, can you believe our little miracles are one month old? I can not tell you how blessed I feel to have such a wonderful family. You are such an amazing daddy and husband. You are so patient and I can always count on you to keep me calm and level headed. I love to watch you when you are with the babies. You will often just look at them and your face fills with so much love and pride. You make me laugh too when I hear you talk "baby talk" to them. It is so cute. You amaze me how you can work full time and come home to "take over" caring for the babies and give me a break and still manage to help with the housework. I love how you will sometimes give me an extra 15-30 minutes of sleep during my sleep shift or how you can sense when I am overwhelmed and will take over for a little while. I love that you will not hesitate to change a poopy diaper or give one a bath. Thank you my sweet husband for being such a great partner and father. We all love you so much.

Happy One Month My Sweet Family


Shelby said...

What a sweet posting. Your babies are so beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

Rebekah said...

Man, You almost made me cry again! But in a happy way not in a bad way!! I love you guys!!