Monday, July 7, 2008

The Boys Are Home

I am happy to report that the boys are finally home. They came home last night and are doing pretty good. That first night is always the most stressful, but they stuck to there schedule pretty good. Mommy and daddy made a pretty good team with the feedings so each of us was able to get a little sleep. The boys have their first doctors appointment today. It will be our first outing with them. Hope all goes well.

As for my sweet Lainey, she had an episode were she choked on some breast milk and need to have a little oxygen. The whole ordeal was over in less than a minute and she had been fine ever since. Unfortunately Albany Med has a mandatory 7 day watch whenever there is an "Apnic" episode which is what they are calling it. So despite my fighting tooth and nail to get her home, no such luck. It was very emotional and hard to leave bring the boys home and leave her there. The only since of comfort is knowing that my mom is with her for all her feeds and keeps me updated every couple of hours. Even as I write this my eyes fill with tears because I miss her so much. Daddy and I will be bringing the boys to see her tomorrow and hopefully she can come home on Thursday. We just have to wait and see. Please keep us in your prayers.

As for pictures, I have a ton. What I don't have a ton of his time. Hopefully today I can post some. They are the most beautiful babies in the world!!!!!


Michele said...

How exciting for you to have the boys home, yet I can imagine how heart-wrenching it must be to leave Lainey behind.I know she will be fine and your mom will take great care of her.
Good luck with your first outing with the boys and hopefully I will get to meet them very soon. Thanks for making my day a little brighter with your post !!

Kristen said...

hey MOMMY & DADDY! thanks so much for the update, I am so happy to hear that your family is making their way home. That is very exciting news. Lainey will be right behind those boys! How big are the babies now?
How are you feeling? and daddy?

keep the updates coming..

Kate said...

Congrats on getting the boys home! Hopefully Lainey will be home ASAP. Our girls came home 10 days apart and boy was that hard. I still can't believe it has been a year since we spent 42 and 52 days in that hospital! Time flies!

Can't wait to see pics.

-Kate (twin mom from BBC)

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad to hear the boy's are home. I will keep little Lainey in our prayers that she will be home soon too! Thank you for keeping us all posted.
Michelle H.