Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A Day of Appointments

Today was a busy day. I had a WIC appointment at 10:20am and another doctors appointment for the boys at 1:00. Michelle H. and Bella were kind enough to drop off dinner to us last night and offered to watch the babies while I went to the WIC appointment. Michelle was a natural with the babies and Bella was such a great help. Steve stopped by to drop off Bella and I tried to tell him I was keeping Michelle indefinately, but it didnt work! LOL Below is a picture of Bella holding Gabe. Thank you so much Michelle, Bella and family for all your help!!!

After WIC, Michelle and I fed the babies and she helped me load the babies in the van so I could take them to another doctors appointment. Daddy met us there. We brought the boys back to the doctors because they still seem to be in a lot of pain after the feed. More so Nick then Gabe. The doctor switched our formula in hopes the babies will find some comfort. We have used it for one feeding and not much changed unfortunately. We are to give it a few days and if there is still no change we have to go back to the doctors. Please keep the babies in your prayers. I hate to see them in so much discomfort. I was able to weigh Gabe and Nick at the appointment. Gabe is 6lbs. 4oz. and Nick was 5lbs. 11oz. I can not believe how big they are. Unfortnately, I did not get to weigh Lainey, she was sleeping soundly in her car seat. She is such a good baby. Below is a picture of the babies at the doctors.

4 Hour Schedule - not so much. I asked the doctor about the 4 hour schedule I was trying to put the babies on he said it is just too soon for them. So, we are back to a 3 hour schedule. Sigh. This means no sleep for mommy and daddy. Thankfully, daddy has made an arrangment at work and is able to work from home a couple of days a week. It does not give us anymore sleep, but is nice to have some help during the day. Below is a picture of my tired boys.


Anonymous said...

Isabella and I enjoyed helping. Isabella has not stopped talking about the babies and getting to hold Gabe. We are here and can't wait to come help again!..I absolutely love the picture of the boys sleeping on their precious...hopefully mommy and Lainey got some snuggle and sleep time.
Michelle H.

Rebekah said...

Wow they are getting big!! I wish I could see them!!! I love the picture that is at the very bottom!!

Love ya!!


Kristen said...

This is so sweet. Talk about bringing tears to my eyes!