Friday, July 25, 2008

It All Started With A Puppy

It was about 4 yours ago when Jeff and I took a trip to Bed Bath and Beyond. We went to get a new shower curtain for our newly renovated bathroom. While walking through the store I spotted a bin full of stuffed animals. On top was the cutest cuddliest puppy I have ever seen. I took one look at this puppy and my heart melted. I looked at Jeff and said "I want a baby". That started our very long and emotional roller coaster ride of trying to get pregnant.

We tried for a year and half on our own before deciding we should talk with a doctor. I went to one OB and they started me on Clomid. I only did one month as this office and I were not a good fit and I switched to a different OB. In talking with that OB, we tried Clomid for 2 more months without any good results. This whole process lasted a couple years as we would go back in forth between trying and taking a break from the infertility and there were many many tests done along the way. My OB suggested in-vitro or adoption. Jeff and I were just not ready to accept we could not have a baby.

So, I emailed some friends of ours and got the name of a fertility doctor that they used and loved. That September I called and made the consultation appointment. Jeff and I went down together only to find out that this doctor was retiring at the end of the year. So that means we have about a month to make things work. It seemed like one step forward, two steps back each time.

This doctor decided Clomid was not the answer and put me on Follistem. This is an injectable medication taken in the tummy. Needless to say I was not looking forward to giving myself shots in the tummy, but was willing to give this a go. The office then contacted my insurance to get approval on the drugs only to find out they were not covered. They called me at work and told me the news. They said they had the drugs at the office, I could get them there. Fighting back tears I said ok, how much to get them through your office to which she replied "No Mary, we will give them to you. You dont have to pay". Crying commenced in between the "thank you's". I called Jeff at work and gave him the news. He was very quiet, in shock that they would do this for us.

So, in October of last year we started the injectable. I could not give myself the shot no matter how hard I tried. Jeff had to do it. He was a pro and very gentle. I remember him being quite excited about giving me a shot, I was a little nervous! The first time he did it, he went really slow then pulled the needle out so fast he knocked the coffee on the table over on the needles and drugs. We laughed for about 5 minutes. Whew, the first shot was over. The next 2 weeks of shots got easier and easier. My tummy looked polka-dotted from the all little bruises, but really it did not hurt.

Now, as I understand it when you ovulate you produce a cyst that ruptures then a little egg pops out. Well, thats the laymen version anyway. I discovered that I have "polycystic ovaries" which means I produce many many cysts. So this medication was going to make everyone of those little cyst rupture at the same time. Two things, first unbelievable pain and second "multiples". The doctor said we should be open to the idea of multiples. Gulp. Jeff and I talked about it and decided that twins would be absolutely fine with us. (Jokes on us!!) So went ahead with the injectables.

I would have to have follow up ultrasounds about every week or so to make sure my ovaries were ok and not about to explode, literally. Well during one of the final ultrasounds the nurse said it looked at those there were 7 follicles that could produce eggs. SEVEN I said. Uh-oh. That is not what we wanted to hear.

Reduction. That is the conversation that came next. It is not a conversation you want to have but none-the-less one we were faced with. Jeff and I had decided we would reduce if we had more than 2 babies. The next ultrasound showed that of the 7 cysts, 5 had ovulated. 5 eggs floating around with about 50 million sperm. Double Gulp. Now we wait.

The next step was to wait for a certain date and then take a pregnancy test. That day had arrived. Jeff and I awoke very early. I did the test and sent Jeff in to check. Wouldnt you know, it was defective. Arrggghh! So at 6:30am we are at the store getting another test. The really expensive one that says "Pregnant or Not Pregnant". I was not taking any chances this time. So, 3 cup fulls of water later I take the second test. I cant bear to watch. This was it, this was our very last attempt at getting pregnant. The doctors office certainly was not going to keep dishing out meds for free and Jeff and I were physically and emotionally exhausted with this process. So, this was really it. Jeff waited with the test as I sat on the couch with anticipation. I knew the answer the second he walked out of the bathroom with tears in his eyes. Pregnant.

I hugged him so tight and the jumped up and down until Jeff told me not to jump as "I might break something". We couldnt believe it. Well, what do we do now I thought. It was a Sunday and I could not call the doctor. We decided to just rest and watch a video we had just bought. It was Shrek The Third, the one with 3 babies, 2 boys and a girl. Little did we know how ironic that would be.

That Monday I called the doctor and told her my test was positive. She sent me for blood work. When she got the results she said it was confirmed I was pregnant. I asked what they check for in the blood work and she said pregnancy hormones. They should double between one test and the other. I said "So I doubled" to which she replied "Oh yea, you more than doubled". My first thought, could it be twins?

A few Sundays after that I went to a ladies lunch at Chrissy's house were I announced I was pregnant. What fun to finally be able to tell people. Well that night I started to bleed. It was terrifying. I went for an emergency ultrasound the next day and found out I was not only fine, but I was pregnant with twins! Jeff and I smiled the whole way home. Because this doctor was retiring in 3 days I was sent back to see my regular OB. I was the last person to get pregnant at that office. How fun.

So, one week later yet another ultrasound. I was driving the tech crazy with questions so she told me to keep quiet until she was done! Jeff and I talked quietly to each other when we heard, "Excuse me, you guys are having 3". 3 what was my first thought? Oh my gosh, 3 babies. We laughed hysterically, then panicked. We went through that about 3 times. Then we had to meet with the doctor.

Reduction. There was that word again. We had already said we would reduce. Well, it took Jeff and I about 5 minutes to decide reduction was not an option for us. We were keeping all three. My next thought, please dont find another one at the next ultrasound!

It was from that moment that we started planning for the arrival of 3 babies. We never could have imagined what we were in for and still sometimes cant believe it. It also amazes me how generous people are when it comes to babies, especially 3. It was hard for us to swallow our pride and be the helpee for once and not the helper. We have been so blessed with everything and are so grateful.

When in what would be my final month of pregnancy I asked Jeff to take some photos of us. He takes the greatest photos and I wanted a picture to remember this time by as this would no doubt be my only and last pregnancy. While I was in the hospital Jeff had the photo blown up and framed. He gave it to me when I got home. I absolutely LOVE it. It hangs in the nursery above the fireplace. You will see in the picture a very cute puppy. To think it all started with the puppy.


Neddo Happenings said...

Such a sweet story, God is so good! I'm so happy for the both of you and so proud to be an aunt of triplets! I also love that picture of Tom holding you when you were a baby, it's so adorable!



Anonymous said...

Mary, You brought tears to my eyes! I hope you are printing this blog so the babies will be able to read it themselves some day. I think it would make a nice bedtime story for them so they can see how a true love story of two people brought them here...
Deb C.

Kristen said...

so sweet. thanks for sharing such intimate details.

witchy74 said...

Mary you made me cry!!! I'm so happy for you and Jeff I cant wait to see your beautiful babies I just want to hold them Amber was tiny too when she was born ! Renee

Rebekah said...

Man, Aunt Mary you almost mad me cry!! I Love the story!! It was such a wonderful one!!!

Love ya!!!


Anonymous said...

Awww! I'm sitting here crying! That is the sweetest story!!! I love you guys and miss you soo much!!!


stephdaley said...

Mary, your story is almost like mine. except you are alot ferther along than I am. Still hoping that this year is my year...I'm so happy for you guys!!! Thise babies are adorable!!! :) Stephanie

Sara B. said...

What a beautiful story of your journey to parenthood! (And that is so awesome about how you were able to get the meds for free from the office -- fertility coverage in the US sucks!)

Anonymous said...

I could probably read that story about a hundred times. It makes me want to cry, however I am at work and refuse to! I love you both and am so glad we could share part of your journey with you.
- christie