Friday, January 23, 2009

Update On Babies

Babies had their 6 month immunizations this week (they are 7 months old though). They usually do really well at these appointments, this visit however didn't go quite as well. Babies were hungry and had decided not to sleep before the appointment so they were pretty grumpy before they got 3 shots, you can imagine them after they got the shots. Lainey and Nick really didn't cry long at all. Gabe was not so happy, I think his teeth were bothering him to boot. All in all though the babies did well and once again Dr. Lehine was very pleased with how well they are doing. Here are their weights:

Height: 26" (25-50 Percentile)
Weight: 16.5lbs. (25-50%)
Head Circumference: 16.5" (10-25%)

Hgt: 25.75" (5-10%)
Wgt: 17.1lbs (10-25%)
HC: 16.75" (5-10%)

Hgt: 27" (25-50%)
Wgt: 17.6lbs (10-25%)
HC: 16.75" (5-10%)

The percentiles are based on their actual age of 7 months. If we chart them on their gestational age their percentages would be much higher. Even though they are a little on the small side to average, that is amazingly well for 5 week premature babies. A lot of babies born at 35 weeks are not able to even be charted yet. We are thrilled with how well they are doing.


Madigan said...

Oh my!
They are getting so big! Soon they will be running circles around you guys.

MasonTripletsPlusOne said...

Sounds like all is well!!! We are very lucky to have such healthy babies:) 2 of mine are on the growth cart and my peanut is not but he is gowing well. He is 13lb 2oz, not to shabby for starting off at 2lb 10oz:) Mine were etra crabby this time too.

gramma and poppa said...

I love the picture, too CUTE!!! They had a GREAT check-up!. They are growing fast. We can hardly wait to see you all again, Give my babies BIG hugs and kisses. See you soon. Mom

Wendy said...

My twins were born at 35 weeks (they are 8 months now). The smallest of the two is only 15 lbs and is not on the growth chart yet. Your triplets are doing great!