Sunday, January 4, 2009


Jan 3 Months Preg.

Feb. 4 Months Preg.

March 5 Months Preg.

April 6 Months Preg.

May 7 Months Preg.

June - Happy Birthday Lainey, Nick and Gabe

July - 1 Month Old.

Aug. 2 Months Old.

Sept. 3 Months Old

Oct. 4 Months Old

Nov. 5 Month Old.
Dec. 6 Months Old.

2008 - What An Amazing Year!!


gramma and poppa said...

What great memories, I love the ultra sound pic. It doesnt seem possible that a year has gone by. mom

bekster01 said...

I love it! The babies look like they have grown!!! lol well I will ttyl bye!