Tuesday, January 6, 2009


YA THINK?? Geez, these babies are chewing on everything and oh my the drool!! We bought these nifty mesh bags that I fill will chopped up frozen apples or ice chips and the babies can gnaw away at them. They seem to really like them. The only down fall is they are not quite coordinated enough to hold the bags themselves and momma ain't got 3 hands! LOL


gramma and poppa said...

That is to funny. They are so cute! Poor mommy.I wish I could be there to help. Love Mom

Cassie said...

They are so cute! And the chewing on everything NEVER ends! Its CRAZY!!

MasonTripletsPlusOne said...

So cute, my three are drool buckets as well. I'm not ready for teeth yet=o


bekster01 said...

Oh! That is so exciting!! lol

Just another sign of the little babies growing up! lol They look so cute!

Love ya!