Thursday, January 22, 2009

How Cute Is She?


gramma and poppa said...

She's the cutest baby girl in the world! We miss you Lainey bug. Just too darned CUTE!!! see you soon precious. Love gramma

Amy Missey said...

She is! I still love looking at your pics of her smiling--it makes me smile, too. --Amy BBC

Anonymous said...

Love all the pics!! She is just soooo cute!! I can't wait to see everybody!! AH! lol 12 days left!


Neddo Happenings said...

Oh Mary, she is so precious; puts tears in my eyes just thinking that you are only here for a week and then you have to go back! And I haven't even met them yet!!!

Can't wait to see you!



Chelsey said...

How cute is she!She is just a little laineybug! lol.