Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Thunder Booms!

We had a REALLY big thunderstorm tonight! I had Jeff get his camera and take a video of the storm so everyone could here how LOUD the thunder and lightening was. I have not heard thunder that loud in my entire life. It was crazy!


Red Fish, Blue Fish, Who Fish?. . .

As some of you know, Uncle Jeff and Aunt Mary had the honor of adopting the Neddo's fish (Presto and Vanish) when they left for Nebraska. One of the fish passed onto the "deep blue sea" (as Mekalah would say) to be with his other family members. However, we still have one fish left. The problem is I cant tell if it is Presto or Vanish? So, girls, here is a picture of said fish. Can you tell which one it is?

Sara says Hello. . .

She really really misses the girls. Hello girls and cousin Murphy!

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Anonymous said...


The name of the fish is 'Vanish'. The kids can tell by the size of the fish and the fins. :o)

A.K.A. 'Doowittagen'