Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Nebraska Zoo Fund

Mom and Dave (or Gramma and Poppa) are almost ready to make the trip to Nebraska. :( (Boo-hoo for me). This will mean that my father, brother, mother and basically entire immediate family now resides in Nebraska. (Did I say boo-hoo yet). Mom had to have one last yard sale before she left. Girls, she cant wait to see you! Here are some fun photos of mom, Dave and I having the yard sale. Our theme was Nebraska Zoo Fund!

Jeff's New Tattoo??
Jeff plays catcher a lot during his softball games, well while catching the other night he got hit with one of the balls. Check out the picture, you can actually see the thread marks from the softball!! OUCH!!

The Verdict Is In. . .
VANISH is the name of the remaining fish! Thank you girls for your help!

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