Saturday, June 30, 2007

And There Off

Mom and Dave are finally headed to Nebraska. We spend Thursday night finishing the packing and loading the truck. Lets just say mom has A LOT of . . .antiques. LOL I think we all finally went to bed about midnight then up at 5:00 to finishing loading up and on the road by 6:30ish. They should be arriving today (Sunday, hopefully mid afternoon). I got a message from mom last night that said they were doing fine and almost to Nebraska. Here are some pictures of them leaving:

New Bedroom Furniture

Here is a sneak peak of the new bedroom furniture. Its so BEAUTIFUL!!! :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Mary and Jeff, we made it! Our trip was very pleasant. Dave drove all the way because the van was tippy and I was to nervous to drive, (not), (just kidding). We drove 24 hours and stopped to get 4 hours of shut eye and we were off again. We arrived Saturday afternoon at 1:30. It took 2 days to unload the van and we had to make a trip to good will, (to much stuff), all those antiques, haha. Its been non stop since we arrived, and tomorrow were going to the zoo. Omaha is beautiful. There are thousands of corn fields (haha), and lots of trees with beautiful rolling hill that meet the skies as far as you can see. The weather has been great. Fireworks are legal here and from our 3rd floor apartment you could see fireworks every where, it was so cool. The girls are beautiful, We,ve been together everyday . They ask for you and uncle Jeff often. We all miss you both. Enough about us. I love your new furniture, it looks great. When you have your yard sale you will have to start a zoo fun too, haha. Post pictures when you get the new addition finished. Your plans for the new room sound beautiful. Hey Jeff, could you make a delivery to Omaha and I will give you some corn when you get here, ok, hehe. The cable man came yesterday and saw one of your phots on our laptop. He was quite impressed with it. I told him my son-in-law- is an amature photographer, and if he was interested i would fix him up. (the photo he saw is my favorite) its the one with all the different colored floats. Keep up the good work Jeff. Daves getting hungry so I better start supper. We love yous and miss you. Take care, mom.

Mary Dunbar said...

Hi Mom,
Glad you made it ok. The girls are really happy you guys are there. We are really missing everyone. :( Hug the girls and Ashtun for me! I will pass on your "delivery message" to Jeff. I can only imagine his repsonse!! By the way, he made CORN for dinner last night!! HELLO!! LOL