Wednesday, December 17, 2008

My Sweet Lainey

I have to boast about my Lainey for a minute. She really is the sweetest little baby girl ever. The boys are very demanding and have many more issues to deal with than Lainey. She often gets put on the floor or in a toy while I tend to the boys. She is always content and very rarely complains. She will be patient until its her time. She is the first one to offer a smile to you, even if you have not been the most patient with her. She has the most adorable giggle in the world. And she "sings" so pretty (and loud) all day. Although her favorite place to sleep is with mommy and daddy she apparently found another place she likes. Here is a picture of her sleeping in the jumperoo. I just love her so much.


bekster01 said...

How adorable! I love it! She sounds like the sweetest little girl!

Love you!

gramma and poppa said...

So sweet, She is the best baby, Sweet Dreams angle

Neddo Happenings said...

Lainey are just too precious! I have heard your singing, so pretty!

Can't wait to do girly stuff with you!

Auntie Jo

Hey You said...

Jo, Girly Stuff???? Does this mean shopping at Wal Mart with you & your sister on Black Friday!!

Lainey, if this is what she means than use your cute smile to get them out of the rumbles that are sure to occur. Better yet, adopt your cousin Chelsey's attitude about shoppin & have gramma & poppa go.