Monday, December 1, 2008

1st Developmental Appointment

The babies had their first developmental appointment today in Latham. They will have 2 of these appointments because they were so premature. They go by the gestational age which is 4 months, although the babies are 5 months old. They did great! They are developmentally the same as 5 months old, which is really wonderful considering they were 5 weeks early. They are measuring 6-7 months for their lower body motor skills. The nurse and doctor said they were the best behaved babies, and they could not believe how great they were doing. We are extremely proud of them. There are a couple of areas to work on, one is rolling over. They need a little more tummy time so we will work on that. All in all they said the babies "were doing wonderfully". I do not have my camera cord, although I do know what happend to it. A certain gramma accidentally took it home with her! LOL As soon as I get it I will post pictures. We also bought a digital video camera so I will be able to post little videos too as soon as I learn how to work it. We are so blessed with healthy thriving babies!!


Nichelle said...

That is awesome Mary! Good job momma! We go for our app. Jan 5th! Take care and get the cord back! LOL

DarwinFishMomof4 said...

Congrats on the appointment. I have a few quesitons. Mine will be going to the developmental Peds set up by Alb Med in January. At what age are they having you return? I am curious how many times we will be going back there.

Anonymous said...

Im glad that they are doing great!

Love ya!