Saturday, December 20, 2008

Fun Pics!


Shelby said...

These are great Mary.
Little ones look like they are taking good care of mommy.

gramma and poppa said...

What fun pics. All I do is smile every time I look at there pictures. Gosh, I miss them so bad. I will exspecially miss not being there for Christmas.

bekster01 said...

Cute pics they look like they are getting big!

Neddo Happenings said...

Hey Mary,

What would you do without those Bumbo seats?

They look like they are doing a fine job supervising the bottling process. You stay on top of Mommy little guys!

Auntie Jo

Hey You said...

I was going to do a Jeff & say Okay, I'll bite.....What are Bumbo seats???? .....but they must be those chair looking things in the first picture. Jo was telling me that this is just one day's worth of bottles so you better not get too busy with outside projects like her. Poor Jeff, won't get any sleep trying to keep up with just the washing (clothes & dishes)!!