Thursday, August 7, 2008

So Big

The boys had their 2 week follow up appointment today. The doctor wanted to make sure they were still gaining weight because he took them off the preemie formula which has extra calories. We were very happy because the boys are doing great and have gained alot!! At the last visit 2 weeks ago Nicholas was 5lb.11oz., today he weighed 7lb.4oz!! Gabriel was 6lb.2oz. and now weighs 7lb.12oz.!! The doctor was very happy with the weights. Lainey did not have an appointment so I dont know what she weighs but I know it is also over 7lbs. My little babies are SO BIG! Next appointment is in 3 weeks, immunizations =( , and I will see how big Lainey is. Here is a picture of the babies sleeping sound.


Rebekah said...

They are just sooo adorable!! And on one of pics ealier um they were all sleeping the same way!!



gramma and poppa said...

How beautiful, They put on alot of weight in a short amount of time. I miss them sooooooooo much.

Shelby said...

They are awfully sweet looking. I can not wait until I can come and see them in person. Thanks for sharing pictures.
I can tell them apart now too.