Sunday, August 17, 2008

Happy Birthday Jeff!

Jeff's birthday was yesterday! As I mentioned Jeff is on vacation this week. Well, I had a list of things lined up for Jeff's birthday. We were hoping to go to wing night a Dango's on Wednesday but I had already asked two people to babysit and didnt have a 3 one lined up so that was a no go. BUT, Chrissy and Rob brought wings to us and the babies were actually really good and we got have a nice night. Thursday we had a babysitter lined up so we could take the motorcycle for a ride but that fell through. Then I had a sitter lined up for Saturday night so we could go to diner at Talullah's but the restaurant was closed for vacation and the babies were up all night so we were exhausted and I didnt want to leave three screaming babies with our friend Michelle. Although she would have handled it just fine! Then I thought ok, we will just order something from a nice restaurant and eat at home but that fell through too. So, poor Jeff ended up not getting to do anything for his birthday except stay up all night with screaming babies then sleep the next day. =( Sorry baby, I will make it up to you. . . someday!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Jeff,
even though it didn't work out for Saturday I already promised Mary I would sit another night...even if I have to get backup power I'll get Mary to get out for a few hours so you both can get a break..LOL I hope you both got some much needed rest.
Michelle H.

Rebekah said...

Happy birthday Uncle Jeff! Im sorry that had to happen:(

Hope you had a great day!!

Kristen said...

happy birthday, 29 again???

gramma and poppa said...

Happy Birthday Jeff !!! I know its tuff right now but hang in there o.k. Thank you for the post. That was nice of you to say such nice things. I wish I could be there right now to help; Soon I promise. I won,t need backup o.k.,cause I,m gramma. lol I hope you can still celebrate your birthday. Love Mom