Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Harder But Easier

Well, things are getting. . .different I guess would be the best way to describe it. The babies are not any easier and I dont think they ever will be. I think the challenges will just change. They are easier in the sense that Jeff and I are adjusting better therefore making some days seem easier. They are harder in that they stay awake a little longer now which in and of itself is great but they cry when they are awake. Mostly Nicholas, but really all of them. Lainey the least. Nick just does not want to be put down so I spend most of the day holding, shooshing, swaying, singing etc etc etc him until he falls asleep. If I can get him back into his crib without him crying it is a good day, if not he sleeps with us or hangs out on the couch. Usually by that time, another baby is awake and crying. We have switched the boys formula again and it seems a little better. I think we are just in a wait it out game. Eventually they will outgrow the tummy troubles and things will be better. . . not necessarily easier. Ok, dont with my venting. I cant finish this post because Nicholas is crying again. =(


gramma and poppa said...

Hi honey , Gosh I wish we were closer. One day we will be. I am still looking to come back up, maybe then you,s can have a little break. I know you both are exhausted. My heart goes out to you both. Hang in there o.k. I know its easier said than done, and you are right it probally won,t get any easier but it won,t always be so tough. I love you and miss you alot. Love Mom

Bugby and Peapie's mommy blog said...

When you need a break....go on to the porch and listen to the world around you. The babies will still be right where you left them... SAFE AND SOUND!!! They may still be crying when you come back in but....they will be okay!

I will try to find time to come over and give you a much deserved break...I promise!

Lot of love.....Kasey

Shelby said...

Hey sweetie. I can come and hang out with you tomorrow again if you will let me...in other words I am coming over tomorrow ...I love you much and you and Jeff are doinga wonderul job. I know it gets frustrating but youhandle itwell and things will get easier, I promise.I will see you tomorrow and maybe you will let me brave the babes all alone and you can get a little mommy time...a nap or even the grocery store !!!
I love you very much sweetie and think you are doing just fine !!!