Thursday, April 9, 2009

If I Had A Quarter. . .

. . .every time I heard the following while taking the babies in public:

Are those triplets? - Nope just borrowed a couple for fun.
Are they Identical? - No, there is a girl. . . cant be identical.
All boys? - Yep, we dress that third one in pink to torture him.
Were they natural? - I just dont get this question, have you ever seen an unnatural child?
Did you use fertility drugs? - Thats a pretty personal question isnt it? Thats like me asking you if you had a nice poo this morning.
I'd kill myself. - Well, better me than you then huh.
I feel bad for you. - Really, because with such a dumb comment like that, I feel bad for you.
Do you watch Jon and Kate plus Eight? - Really?
You sure have you hands full. - If I asked everyone for a quarter every time I heard this I could probably pay for the babies college by the time they were 18.
And my new favorite, Did you hear about the lady that had 8? (insert rollings eyes and big sighs).

Ok, really this post is just for fun. It just cracks us up at the comments we get. The same ones over and over. If you ever said any of these to us, please dont feel bad. Again this was just in fun. They just crack me up.


gramma and poppa said...

LOL, I love it.!!! All those negative comments just go to show you how many people don't have a clue the joy we get from our beautiful babies. So sad for them. At least you know the difference. When I get Comments like that, I reply, I adore children, there a true gift! Watch the expression on there face when you give it right back to them. LOL Give my babies BIG hungs and kisses from gramma. Love you!!!

Cassie said...

love it!

Nichelle said...

Yes we should get paid for all those questions, more than a quarter!! I get them lately and DONT I have time to chat! LOL

Amy Missey said...

The "natural" one is my favorite. "Nope, they're artificial babies" Really, come ON!!

Anonymous said...

I seriously want to start asking people for a quarter every time they say "you've got your hands full"... seriously! What a grand idea. They make the comment and we say to them "If I had a quarter for everytime I heard that, I'd be able to pay their college tuition. Care to give me a quarter?" See if people are willing... LOL I'm gonna try it!

Anonymous said...

If it's any comfort, I got told I had my hands full before I even had my third child. I think people want to acknowledge that you're a busy person and their intention isn't anything other than admiration and good wishes. I usually just reply, "I do, but happily so!" And they smile and agree.

Now, the other comments are certainly grating - especially the intimate ones. I've had clueless people say rude things to me too - like one lady who told me out of the blue that my baby looked NOTHING like me. Just walked up to me and told me that. What was going through her head?

Anyway, have fun! Your hands are full (HA!)!!


tongues_of_fire14 said...

ROTFLOL! Oh my gosh, these are sooo funny! Your replies crack me up Aunt Mary!
Love you guys!