Monday, April 20, 2009

Look What We Can Do. . .

Its been a while since I have updated on what the babies are up to so I thought I would share all the fun things the babies are doing now.

Lainey - This girl is movin! She is speed crawling like crazy and gets braver and braver every day. I used to be able to leave the living room confident that she would not crawl off the carpet, not the case anymore. She loves cords and will wiggle her way into any corner to get at them. She says momma, dadda, bobba, and yaya. She waves (although I am not sure she knows she's waving). She sits independently and has been for some time now. She holds her own bottles. She pulls herself up to a standing position and will walk along the coffee table. I often find her standing in her crib. She can not figured out how to get down yet. She can stand independently for a few seconds. She eats lots of table foods, but definitely has mommy's palate and likes sweeter foods. She sleeps about 10.5-11 hours at night and rarely wakes in the middle of the night. She loves her bath. She is all about her daddy and very much like him in that she is already an adrenaline junky! She likes when you scare her and loves to be thrown really high. Makes her mommy so nervous! Everything about her is very girly though. Her squeals, the way she plays, even the ways she eats. She is usually a very happy and content baby as long as mommy is within site.

Nick - He is a hundred miles an hour all the time! Nick is crawling, more of an army crawl but does crawl on all fours. He LOVES to stand and will pull himself up to stand. He crawls over anything and any one that is in his way. He likes to crawl through the coffee table and come out the other side. He sits independently as well and has for some time. He too says momma, dadda, bobba, and yaya. He holds his own bottles. He also eats lots of table foods. He is sensitive to different textures though. We tried chicken and the poor thing gagged so fiercely he threw up! He likes to feed himself and gets a little upset if he cant do it. He too sleeps about 10.5-11 hours at night but likes to wake around 4 am everyday. We can usually get him back to sleep by flipping him over and a paci and pat. Nick is a momma's boy but lately seem to always want daddy. He loves is bath the most of all three. He splashes and likes to be sprayed with water. He is all boy and likes to bang and throw his toys. He is definitely the biggest offender when it comes to stealing toys. He wants whatever his brother or sister has. He does not like to be left alone and will cry. Nick LOVES to laugh. He is ingrained with happy, he just cant help it. He is also usually a happy and content boy.

Gabe - My sweet baby boy. Gabe is army crawling and belly scooting all over the place. He has not figured out how to pull himself to standing but he can get himself to a sitting position (something Nick and Lainey have not yet mastered). I often find him sitting up in his crib playing. He babbles some but we have yet to hear momma or dadda. Oh I cant wait. Gabe is my best eater. He loves to eat and will eat anything I give him. He will often clean up the leftovers. He hums the entire time he is eating, so adorable. He really likes to feed himself too. He sleeps between 10.5-11 hours also. He has been sleeping 12 hours on occasion, more so lately. Gabe almost always wakes between 2-3am and talks, coos, and giggles. I have tried to explain to him that he is supposed to be sleeping but I have given up. We just leave him and he goes back to sleep. He is too funny. He is a very laid back baby and doesn't usually fuss or care when Nick takes his toy. Nick and Lainey both LOVE Gabe and will try to get his attention and smile at him. Gabe is almost always content wherever you put him. He is proving to be my "easiest" baby right now.


Rebekah said...

Wow! I can not believe how fast they are growing!!! It's been what 2 1/2 months sense we saw you guys! and like they have grown a loooottt! They are really too cute! I love you guys! Tell everybody I said hi! Love Rebekah

Anonymous said...

I can;t wait until there B-day! Do you know what theme you are doing yet?


gramma and poppa said...

TEETH!!! Yeah. !!! My babies are getting so big. I can.t get over how quickly they grow. Try to keep them little till we get there. Gramma needs her rugrat time! hehe Love yous!!