Friday, April 17, 2009

A Day At The Park

Jeff surprised us today and took a half day off from work and took us to the park! This was the first time the babies had been to the park and they had a blast! They absolutely LOVED the swings. We did the swings first then had bottles on a blanket in the shade. The babies were getting tired so we went for about an hour walk so they could sleep. Hit the swings one more time on the way out and then headed home. We had such a great day out, thank you daddy!!!





gramma and poppa said...

Thats the most be beautiful thing I have ever seen. Made me cry. I am so glad they have Jeff for their dad. You both make me proud. I laughed all the way through all videos and watched them twice. The way they were kicking their feet and laughing. SO SO SO PRECIOUS!!! Thank You Jesus for a wonderful family!

Nichelle said...

Aww I love it!! I cannot wait to try out the swings!! Love video's!
Like the choo choo pic's too;-) Did I mention I WANT ONE!!! Gosh someday....