Saturday, March 22, 2008

Weekend In Boston

Jeff and I went to visit Michele last weekend in Mass. We had a great time! And Michele, let me just say again how cute your apartment is! I loved it!! Michele took us to a Tapas restaurant, which I had never done before and OMG sooooo good! Then we went for the best ice cream ever. I think it was called Izzy's?? I had chocolate ice cream, with some chocolate stuff in it, and chocolate reese's peanut butter cups! Yeah, it was heavenly!! LOL Then we went to the coolest book store ever. It was like a big warehouse full of books. We ended getting 10 more baby books, I think Jeff and I are addicted to baby books! We bought so many they gave us a free bag for their coffee! LOL And last but not least, and probably the most hysterical, was Jeff and Michele taking me shopping for maternity clothes! We had so much fun. But let me just tell you Jeff and Michele, or should I say Stacey and Clinton, are shoppers!!! Attached is one the outfits that "Clinton and Stacey" picked out! Maternity clothes are SO much more comfortable!

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