Saturday, March 22, 2008

Apartment Bathroom Renovation

Here is a video of the completed bathroom in our tenants apartment. I really wish we would have taken a before picture because the difference is amazing. I am so proud of Jeff and what a great job he did on this bathroom. Everything is new, the cabinet, the shower and shower walls, the toilet, the floor, the shelves. . . everything. This bathroom was is really rough shape. It had a hot water tank that was in the far right corner that Jeff had to move so he could hide it in the new cabinet. The shower was just a stand up shower, it didn't have walls or anything. If anyone would have fell in the shower the entire thing would have collapsed. So, here is the new bathroom. . .

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Anonymous said...

Looking good Looking good!


Jessica said...

I wish we could have seen the before pictures because you guys really DID do a stupendous job in there! I'd dbe so pleased to call that bathroom mine!