Saturday, March 22, 2008

3 D Ultrasound Picture

We had our 2nd appointment at the Peri's office in Latham. All the babies are doing great! My doctor said that for the number of weeks we are (21) she couldn't ask for better numbers. The babies are 14, 15, and 16oz (Laney is the smallest) and the length of carrots! They are definitely getting squashed in there. Thanks to Jeff (he is the greatest!!!) asking if they do 3D U/S we were able to get some 3D pictures this time. We got one of Nicholas face! He looks so cute, I think he is going to have a pug nose! LOL Then we got a picture that so adorable even U/S took it and make an 8x10 of it! It is a picture of the two boys. I am not sure which is which but one of the boys is sitting on his brothers back with his feet by his brothers head. His brother has his head buried in his hands as if to say "ugh, please get off me!!!" So cute!! The U/S tech assured me that they were fine, just all snuggled up together. Below is the pictures. I am not sure how well they will come out on here, but hopefully you can see. Next appointment 2 weeks!


Michele said...

Nicholas looks like Tommy from Rugrats !!! Super cute !!! These pictures are awesome...

Anonymous said...

Jeff and Mary,
These pictures are awesome! It's like peeking at your christmas presents while they are still wrapped..LOL
Jeff you did a great job on the bathroom! I remember what the old one looked like. I think you missed your calling...maybe you should "flip"houses.LOL Mary, I like the maternity clothes! finally "look"pregnant
Michelle H.

Mary Dunbar said...

Thanks Michelle H. I love that, "peeking at your christmas presents while they are still wrapped". Thats great!!! I am glad you like the bathroom. I hope we can do dinner soon!! And yes, I look and FEEL pregnant!! LOL