Saturday, January 19, 2008

New Ultrasound Pictures

We another ultrasound on Friday. Everything still looks good. Mommy lost 8 lbs. :( Babies doubled again! :) They are now about 2.5"-3.0" long, about the size of limes. Baby A is lower left, Baby B is lower middle right, and Baby C is upper middle. This ultrasound was so much fun because the babies have reflexes now so we got to see them moving all around. Baby A looked like he was boxing, Baby B was not too active, and Baby C had the hiccups. I think next time we will bring a video camera and record it. It really is amazing. Here are the pictures. The ultrasound tech spent about 10 minutes trying to get a picture with all 3 of them. She got one with all three of their heads, but you really have to use your imagination to see them! Soon to come, another baby belly picture. Its really starting to show now!!

Baby A

Baby B

Baby C

All 3

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