Saturday, January 5, 2008

The Family Reactions To The Big News

The family reactions to the pregnancy news was so much fun!! We told Jeff's family first as they are local and my family is not. OK, well actually we told Rob first!!! But that was on accident, and he did a great job keeping it a secret from Chrissie!! Jeff's family were all just thrilled with the news. Cousin Charlotte jumped up down about 10 times then cried. That was pretty much the standard reaction from everyone. Then I got to tell my NY family (aka Jess, Chrissie, Momma Winslow, and the "women's retreat gang") the news at Chrissie's ladies luncheon. That was a blast! The place exploded with cheers and tears. Then finally, the moment I had been waiting for, to be able to tell my "Nebraska Family". My husband being a very talented and creative man had a brilliant idea to take photos of everything in Glens Falls that has changed sense everyone was here last. He sent the photos to a place called Shutterfly then he designed a book that had captions to all the pictures. The last two pages were the ultrasound picture and then the news that we were having triplets. I have videos of the reactions when I told my mom, Tom and Jo, and the girls. (Dave unfortunately was not their =c( but we did get to tell him over the phone). Then I have another video of when I told my dad and Mari. Both vidoes are about 4 minutes long but so worth the wait. I will never forget their reactions. It really couldn't have gone anymore perfect!! I will cherish these videos forever. I think we may send these into America Funniest Home Videos. I think we could $10,000

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Anonymous said...

Hi honey, I fianally got a chance to watch the whole video, in fact, I watched it twice and cryed both times. What a gift! Every time I watched it, it made me more anxious than the last time to hold and love all 3. Its a moment in my that I will always cherished. And Jeff, YOU DA MAN!!! love mom