Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Jeff And I Are Expecting. . .And Expecting. . .And Expecting!!!

I am so happy to share with our family and friends that Jeff and I are expecting. . . TRIPLETS! Yes I know, OH MY GOSH!!!! Jeff and I started to see a fertility specialist in Albany back in September. His name is Dr. Henriques and his office was wonderful! After a few fertility shots and an insemination, we have 3 babies! I am 10 weeks along and so far everything looks great. All the heart beats look good (expect my husbands when they told him there was 3!!! LOL). We should hopefully know in a couple weeks what we are having. So, to everyone that prayed for Jeff and I to get pregnant thank you from the bottom of my heart. . . you can stop now!!! LOL As far as how am I feeling, surprisingly wonderful!!! I am not having a lot of morning sickness. I get a little nauseous now and again. Sometimes in the morning I have these little gagging fits. I am not a graceful "gagger", so it is somewhat appalling. My husband calls me Lurch when I start those little fits! I am also rediculously tired, bedtime is usually 8:00!! Below is our first ultrasound picture that shows all 3 babies. Baby C was hiding during the first ultrasound, thats going to be our problem child!!! LOL Just kidding. Thanks again for all the prayers!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Mary and Jeff, Let me be the first to tell all that Dave and I are still on a cloud when we were told (on christmas eve)that we were going to be grand parents 3 times over. I woke up the entire state of Nebraska when I screamed 3 babies, were having 3 babies. I know I have to be the proudest grandmother in the world. What a blessing. I still giggle when I tell people I don't even know. I will be back to New York soon. I can't wait. I am going to pamper you for as long as it takes. Did I tell all that I am still on a cloud lol. We love you sweety and I will see you soon. mom

Anonymous said...

Dave and I were so happy to hear your great news. We will follow along with your miracle. With love and prayers! Diane McG

Anonymous said...

Hi Mary & Jeff...This is WONDERFUL AND EXCITING news. Count me in on babysitting (at least one of them) :-) My prayers will be for an easy pregnancy and three healthy babies!!!
I'm sooooo happy for you.
Linda Hanley