Sunday, September 23, 2007

Racheal Gets Engaged

Finally!! It was AWESOME! At the end of Hailey's birthday party "Cookie Monster" gave Hailey one more present to open. Mom helped her and it was a shirt that said "I have mommy and daddy wrapped around my little finger." Then there was a note from Hailey that said "Mommy will you please marry my daddy". The ring was wrapped up the in the note. It was great! I think I cried more than Rachael LOL Below are the pictures. Congratulations Rachael and Kathen! We love you guys!!


Anonymous said...

Great job on the Blog. Give my best to Rachel and Kathen. :0)


Anonymous said...

CONGRADULATIONS Rachael and Kathan. What took you so long (just kidding )Dave and I are sooooo Happy for you both. Give us plenty of notice on the wedding in hopes that we can be there. Happy Bithday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy birthday to Hailey, Happy Bithday to you. You are such a big girl now, We miss you alot. It doesn't seem possible that you are 1 year old already. How time flies. We love you baby girl, Aunt Sandy and Uncle Dave.